Monday, September 5, 2011

"Got Milk?" ..... I Do, Finally!

I had a few other titles in mind for this post.  Here are a couple of them.
"I Went to Michael's and Lost My Mind"
"I Really Need to See Someone About This"'
"Put That Back!"

I went to Michael's to buy brick wallpaper.  Well, they didn't have any. I should have turned around and left the store, but I had a 50% off coupon in my pocket that I needed to use.  I perused the store and did very well!  I said "put that back" so many times, I lost count.  I was 3/4 of the way through the store and I had done quite well.  I got to the section with the books and little kid what-nots.  There hanging on an endcap were the Crazyerasers.  I am sure most of you already have these.  Well they have eluded me for months now.  I would see other people's blogs with some really cute erasers.  The only ones I ever saw were the cakes.  Of course, I didn't need those.  I wanted the one with the gallon of milk and the sewing machine.  I now know why they call them Crazerasers.  I felt like I was going crazy as I kept putting them in my basket.

Here is the awesome milk set that I am sure you have seen by now.  The bowl comes with cereal in it.  The cereal just pops in and out.

Here is the milk in the Taylor's new refrigerator.  It is a snug fit, but it sure looks good.

This was the only one they had out of about 50 sets.

Here is the sewing kit.  I bought two thinking that there will be a designer in the group soon.  Of course you could use them in a sewing class, too.  The possibilities are endless.  I probably need a couple more.

This is the cutest kid's set.  The little barn is adorable. I had Julian and Jacob in mind when I bought it.  I treat those fashion doll kids like they are real.  I really do need to see someone about that. LOL.

I only bought this set for the piggy bank.  It will end up in some kid's bedroom. 

I had to buy 2 bowling sets to get one pair of shoes for display. I am planning to do a kid's bowling party sometime in 2012. Yes, I have the bowling pins and ball from the $1 store.

I bought this set for Nicole.  The pink and green little pseudo lamp will look really cute in her room.  She will also get the peace sign.

Couldn't pass up these two.  I don't know if I will open the Princess Tatiana pez.  I will take the Hello Kitty off the Pez and use it for a decoration in someone's room.


  1. Cool I Can't Wait To See Nicole Room And OMG 2012 Is My Year !!!!!!!!!!!!! But For The Pez Put The Hello Kitty In Zaharia Room She Look Like Little Hello Kitty Fan And Princess Tianna Can Go In Baby Girl Room. But Can't Wait To See More Blogs, Pictures, Videos, And Dolls.


  2. the little gallon of milk is cute! I really need to start collecting more acessories now!

  3. These are all too cute! You just never know what you'll find when you browse with a 50% off coupon in hand.



  4. I Love This Set.......OMG 2012 Shout Out Thank You..... And About The Pez Hello Kitty Pez Can Go In Zahara Room And The Princess Tiana Can Go In A Baby Girl Room......Can't Wait To See The Girls Go To School.

  5. I'm too embarrassed to show you guys what I used my 50% off coupon for. It is a wind up walking and roaring dinosaur that I bought for Jacob. It was only $4, so I saved $2. Send the psychiatrist quick!

  6. Dont Be Embarrassed Thats A Cool Toy For Jacob

  7. Christina - I was thinking the Zahara would be a great cadidate for Hello Kitty. However, she and Nicole share a room, so I will have to see how that works out. I don't think I am going to use Princess Tatiana at all. She will jsut stay in her package for now.

  8. Nice erasers. We also have some in Moscow stores. There are sets and single erasers, and you can buy 3 of them at the price of 2 in some stores. I have several cute toys for my doll kids, but I'm always afraid that they can be broken if I "play" with them. Erasers are usually rather fragile, especially after some time.

  9. Dukasha - Yes, I imagine over time they may dry rot, but that takes a long time. I was surprised at how durable they seem to be. I don't normally play with my items that much, so I'm not too worried. I have erasers here that are more than 20 yrs old. LOL.

  10. I love these sets! I had to go back and get the cereal pack.

  11. Dollies Series - That milk and cereal set were very difficult to run across. I can't really say that I went all out looking for it.

  12. I bought a bunch of sets but ended up not keeping most of them bc they feel too heavy (when playing) compared to most other accessories. The milk gallon is the one I kept because it is SO EXCELLENT!! The scale is perfect.

    The lava lamp and bowling ball also look promising.

    This post makes me want more Milk Gallons and makes me want to go looking for the lava lamp and bowling sets.

  13. kristl - I would have bought more milk sets, if they'd had them. Most of the items I will use will be taped in place. Some of them are just too big for do anything with them. Good luck on your search.


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