Sunday, September 4, 2011

"If I Knew Then, What I Know Now, I Would Have....."

I am starting a new "If...then"  monthly post for the next few months.  It requires your participation.  Regarding my doll collection, I often find myself saying "Man, I sure wish I had bought this, or bought that". Like they say, hindsight is 20/20.

So I will tell my dolly regret, and for those doll people, who want to participate, you tell one of your dolly regrets.  Only one per post, please.  You will have another chance next month to give another one.  For the non-dolly readers, feel free to tell one regret from your craft, hobby, or love.  Thanks in advance for participating.

Here's mine.

If I knew then, what I know now, I would have bought every Happy Family item they had available.

What's yours?


  1. Oh I totally agree! Especially the freaking grandparents! Trying to find them is crazy. I was online and the prices that folks were asking is totally off the charts! So my ....if I knew then, what I know now, is that I would have bought the entire line twice. One to keep and one to sell at outrages prices on Ebay! LOL Im just gonna have to paint grandparents and give them gray hair! I refuse to pay all that money...

  2. oh yea and also in addition to that Happy family line, I would have bought up every baby Krissy item I saw! Ok Im glad I was able to vent that out. Thank you!

  3. Yes, I missed out on the AA grandparents, too. And they are so nicely done. Grandpa was fine looking old man. Krissy was part of the Happy Family line, too. Glad you got that off your chest.

  4. I would not have purchased ANY porcelain dolls.

    And I know you said only one per post, but I would have purchased the HF Grandparents as well (at least two sets). I have since found the AA GM but the AA GF is the hardest to find.


  5. I would saved all my childhood Barbie furniture, dolls, cars, houses, kitchen littles, etc. That stuff sells for good money on ebay now!

  6. BTW if your patient and consistent you can get the grandparents on Ebay at an excellent price. I think I paid less than $15 including shipping on a grandpa who was in mint condition. :)

  7. First, thank you for starting this particular SO fits where I am with my collecting right now. :(

    I wish I would have known about all the Dynamite Girls and other dolls when I was making GOOD money. :(

    I wish I would have purchased the Gloria Bar & Liquor bottles for my dioramas instead of the washer/dryer and bathroom set because I probably won't bother with those parts of the house. :(

    I wish I would have known AND purchased the AA Happy Family grandparents and children. :(

    I wish I would have started with purchasing the men FIRST because I missed out on a lot of handsome Power Team guys while loading up my purchases on my ladies. :(

    And last but not least...I wish I would have known about your gorgeous furniture before the income change, I would have LOADED UP! But I'll get there. ;)

    I'm sure there are more regrets to come, LOL.

  8. So you all know I was about to tell Tracy "I wish she had read the post that said just one, please." But she added my furniture on her list, so I'm awfully glad she posted more than one! Don't anyone else get any ideas of posting more than 1 1/2. I'm trying to get a couple more months out of this. I don't want you running out of idead before we get to month two.

  9. Back in the late 70's when I was looking for 50's dolls, I passed up the Barbies. I could kick myself now.

  10. I wish that my focus on doll collecting was more defined and that I would have chosen each purchase carefully. I now have a ton of dolls that I no longer wish to collect (silkstones, big baby dolls (Fayzah Spanos), and assorted Barbies just because they were collector or special edition. Great post, but depressing when I think of all the money I have spent.

    Happy Sunday to you all!

  11. I agree with everyone else but I would have also purchase all the My Scene and Bartz diorama set. I would love to have the ski lodge and people want an arm and a leg for the party pad. I lucked up and got one cheap. I saw and outrageous price for just the stairs. Ok folks, it is just plastic! I guess with everyone doing dios, the price goes up. I was able to get the Bratzt diner, and the My Scene salon and coffee shops! If Mattel wants to really make some money, they should re-issue a few old funiture items each year! Repos! They don’t make any money from the secondary market!!!

    Hey Mattel, You can use my idea and you don't have to pay me!

  12. Thanks to everyone who has responded. Ms. Leo, stop being an enabler. I didn't know anything about a Bratz Diner. It's really cute and it's at Amazon for $29.99 and free shipping. Just in case anyone else is curious.

  13. This post was a very good idea. I enjoyed it, especially because I got to laugh up my sleeve about many of other people's wishes. AA Happy Family Grandparents? Got them at Toys R Us with a cool kitchen playset. My Scene playsets -- I bought them in threes on sale for $5 when Toys R Us was in financial trouble around 2004 or 2005. Bratz Sushi bar with what seems like a jillion cool pieces of sushi -- $15 at K-Mart in 2006. I also bought all the Power Team guys I could find at Big Lots for about $8 a piece. What I wish I had bought was the Power Team field hospital from the J.C. Penney catalog. I could use the hospital beds and the IV set.

  14. My regret is not buying the Tony stark iron man figure from Hot toys! I really loved his sculpt but i passed on it and i can kick myself now! I do have several pieces from the Happy family that i dont use if anyone is interested in a trade or something!

  15. I wish I had focused more on ethnic dolls from the start of my collecting.
    I wasted a lot of money on dolls that I never even look at now.

  16. Hey limbe dolls, I'm laughing up my sleeve about the hospital! I worked at Penney's when it was in the catalog and purchased that and the two offices set from the "First Day at Work" post. The set comes with a desk, a phones rings, a sofa, two livingroom style chairs three office chairs, fax and picture frame. I don't think they have made it again. Boo woo! Something told me then to purchase two with the employee discount. It was the move! I never regretted that. I think we all should buy up the Liv summer sets and hold on to them for about a year! We might be sitting on gold! Or money to pay for next years' purchases.

  17. Hi Ms. Leo,

    I was noticing how nice your office diorama was. I got the Liv Kayak and windsurfer sets when Target marked them down to half price this summer but only one of each.

  18. My regret is the same as others..wishing I had the focus I have now for my dolls. I have so much that I don't remember buying but then I may have gotten it from others. I was quick to say I'll take it when I 1st started collecting.

    I was lucky enough to buy quite a few of things you guys have mentioned. I miss the stores I picked up most of this stuff in at discounted prices. I did miss out on the PT sets. I wish I knew about them when I was buying the guys.

    I think I kept it to the minimum of regrets..LOL


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