Thursday, January 6, 2011

The White Sectional - Furniture for Barbie and other Fashion Dolls

I just recently finished this White Sectional. It is a commissioned piece from a customer who took advantage of the VansDollTreasures Christmas coupon. I must say it was quite nerve wrecking working with white material, but I persevered without getting a speck of dirt on it. As you can see my dolls loved doing the photoshoot. They can't believe they don't have their own sectional yet. Poor things. They feel so neglected some times.


  1. Your work is beautiful. I admire your talent, patience, and perseverence!


  2. Love this sectional! Love this whole room in fact!
    Great work!

  3. That is gorgeous!! Great job!!

  4. @Nina Thanks! This room was used in my latest video "Dinner at the Taylors". I posted it in December. Have you seen it yet?

  5. I am speechless! The sectional is stunning. The scale looks perfect, there's plenty of space for several dolls to sit all at once. Wow, it's just a gorgeous contemporary space.

  6. @Afroindia619 Thanks! The new owner was extremely pleased. She said the pictures didn't do it justice. My dolls were sad to see it go. I really need to make them some furniture.


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