Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Darius Reid and Harley Davidson are on their way!!!

I am so excited!  I managed to successfully rearrange some of my finances and in the process I got a little extra money this month.  Of course my mind was racing with what I was going to buy with it.  Of course I could just SAVE it, but what fun is that.  I knew I was going to buy a new tool which will help take my business to the next level.  That took care of half the money.  Then I thought I would get about 4 more Denim Basics. But as I was doing my hair today, I remembered DARIUS REID.  He was on sale last year and I didn't have the money.  So I went back to the site, and the sale was off.  Boo Hoo.  So I googled him to see if someone else had him on sale.  Of course they did!  I wasn't so happy with their shipping price though.  They only ship Fed Ex.  1st item $12.00, each additional item $1.00.  Darn! You know what that means.  I had to try to find something else cheap that I wanted, so I wouldn't feel like I was paying too much for shipping.  Then I saw them, the Harley Davidson Duo.  And they were on sale too.  So I placed my order.  FedEx means they will be here real quick.  I have the perfect kids for the Harley Davidson couple.  I had no intention on keeping them as a couple, til I remembered the kids.  We will see what happens when they arrive.

Pictures were taken from Susan's Dolls Website


  1. Wonderful! I look forward to reading their stories.


  2. Wow, those guys are going to be great additions to your stories! I can't wait to see who you pair them with but I think I have an idea. ;)

    The shipping prices are a downer but sounds like you'll get them much faster by fed ex. Hope to see pictures soon.


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