Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Danielle, Zahara and Janessa have new dresses!

There has been quite a frenzy in my doll community as they are preparing for the upcoming Daddy/Daughter dance.  Danielle has been successful at finding her dress and getting her hair done.  She still has to find shoes and jewelry.  Zahara has picked out her dress on a recent shopping trip with her mom.  Turns out one of her friends, Janessa will be there too.  She has also picked out her dress. 

The other moms and daughters are making great progress with their dresses.  The dads are also making some progress, but not as much as I would like. 

Danielle is pictured in a dress from Barbie Basic #11

She went to the hairdresser to get an updo.
Who knows? With that dress and new do, there just may be a new man in her future!

Zahara on the right is dressed in the cutest white dress with a pink flower. This dress was from an old Jolee's scrapbook sticker pack. Can you believe it!

Janessa is wearing a custom designed dress by me. It is probably a little too old for her, but she wears it well.  She also has a new do, which will get ribbons later. 

Here they are sitting on a White sectional that I just finished for a new customer.
More pictures of the sectional will be posted to the blog soon.


  1. When I first saw you post with this doll I thought hmm, how fitting. I had aways thought that there was something sad about the eyes of this doll. Ah, so she is a widow... that works. She does look better with her makeover. Your are limited with shoe option for this doll. Maybe some nice boots. I just love the dresses of the girls! I am always suprised at what things can become dolly clothes.

  2. Does Danielle have "Cali girl" flat feet? It's really a problem to find shoes for her. I have a doll with such feet, she doesn't have any footwear at all, poor thing.

  3. @Ms. Leo and @Dukasha You are only limited by the size of your imagination. I admit Danielle has some crazy feet. My mind has been working on solutions. Option 1: Make her some shoes. Option 2: Reconstruct her feet. Option 3: Do both. Wish me luck.

  4. Love the dress on her, and the girls look adorable. The sectional is GORGEOUS! The zebra pillows are a nice touch. :)

  5. I assume we are not talking about wearing open toe shoes?

  6. @ Afroindia619 Thanks. I really need to make my dolls a sectional. They were loving that white sectional! But I shipped it off yesterday to its new owner.

  7. @ Ms. Leo Well, my reconstruction plans do include new toes. So if they turn out like I want them to, there will be open toe shoes. I have sculplted full dolls before, but I've never added clay to vinyl before. Should be interesting.


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