Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Too Many Doll Purchases! Those Darn Barbie Basics!

Have you ever had the feeling that you were spending too much money on something, but you couldn't stop yourself?  I can always recognize when this is happening.  Luckily, it doesn't happen very often.  End of last month, I made quite a few ebay purchases in a 2 week period.  I justified that by saying, "It's Christmas and these are the only gifts I am going to receive." 

Well here we are in January and for the first four days of this year, I have spent too much money on doll stuff already. I blame all those people on those doll blogs I've been reading.  What enablers!!! Now that the Barbie Denim Basics is sort of out at some of the Targets, I have been on a search to get a few of them.  I am particularly interested in getting all of the men.  I guess in my mind, I feel that there are going to be limited men dolls available and I will miss out if I don't get them quickly.  This has fueled my trip to 5 Targets, 3 Walmarts and a ToysRUs.  I have had limited success, because here in GA, they are very slow at put the Denim Basics on the shelf.  Unfortunately, I have somehow talked myself into other things when on these trips. 

So far I have bought the following:

Barbie Denim Basics #02 Love this doll. Her make-up is really nice.

Barbie Denim Basics #15

Barbie Basics #11 - I'd always wanted this doll, but never bought it. Now that the Denims were out, I realized she would probably not be available much longer.  I had just bought a Kelly doll from ebay that I knew would be a great daughter for her.

This is the jointed Kelly I just got from ebay.

Denim Basics accessory pack #2. Never thought I'd ever buy a pack, but couldn't pass this one up.

Basics Red #8 Never even thought about buying this doll, until I read a blog two days ago that had
this doll redressed.  Those enablers! She is beautiful though.

Of course I bought a few other items to use for dioramas and I made a couple of ebay purchases already.  Well I guess I better go make some more furniture.  I have to go sell some things to catch up with my purchases!

These are the two Barbie Basics that I bought when they first came out.  I was perfectly happy just having these two.  I don't know what has come over me.  I have a feeling I may OD on Barbie Basics as soon as the whole denim collection is in stock.  


  1. LOL! But aren't you having fun, Vanessa?

    Congratulations on all your new gifts from you to you.


  2. LOL! I agree...it's a lot of fun. I realized I'm having a delayed reaction from being told "no" when I was a kid every time a new Barbie came out...but now as an adult collector I can't stop myself, it's that dog gone ebay!

    I have the Barbie Basic #8 and plan to use her in a story line too...she is very pretty. I gave her a Dynamite Girl body so she's easier to use.

    I like the purchases you've made...the new Basics men are hot. I really want the AA Basic Jeans guy but I've never had success changing bodies for the ken dolls. I suppose the men don't really matter too much if they're not articulate.

    Well, I can't wait to see more furniture and dioramas from you.

  3. @ DBG You are enjoying my dilemma a little too much. LOL! If I don't stop, I'll be eating toast all month because I'm spending my food money.

  4. @ Afroindia619 and @DBG I am not having fun going broke! My number 8 is getting a new body too. She already has a husband and 2 girls. She's been busy and she hasn't even made it out the box yet. I think I will be able to switch out the men bodies too. I have a few extra bodies, I think. Tomorrow I will be posting a picture of my Danielle in one of the black basic dresses. She is smokin'! Of course now, I want more dresses. It would be so nice if all the dresses I wanted were on the dolls I wanted. Of course that is not the case.

  5. Oh I know, I think at least 30% of the dolls I purchased don't come with the outfit I want and dolls I'm not all that interested in have the cutest outfits.

    I can't wait to see the pics of Danielle in the black basic dress. Is she going to start dating again? Guess we'll have to wait and see. LOL...

  6. The jointed Kelly doll is wonderful. I have just two Kelly dolls with jointed knees, one is caucasian and the other is dark AA, but I'd like to have much more of them, especially light AA dolls. Unfortunately I just don't know what other Kelly dolls have such legs. Well, I saw several more dolls with jointed knees, but they were not AA.
    As for the adult dolls, can you imagine, Vanessa, I also never even thought about buying that doll (Basics Red #8) or any other doll from that line, but 4 days ago I accidentally saw a photo of Red #8 and fell in love. :D I really don't know what to do now, because I don't like their bodies at all and never buy dolls with such bodies, because they are not playable and body swapping is not for me. But I really love her face and hair. :)

  7. @ Dukasha Initially I was worried that the jointed Kelly wouldn't be able to stand on her own, but I was able to get her to stand just fine. As for the Basic dolls, I didn't want to buy too many either because of their bodies. The least swapping I have to do, the better. But I have learned that if I really, really like it, I need to buy it, so that I am not spending more for the doll later when it is not available and I have to scour ebay to find it. Now that I am back to sewing for my dolls, I also realize that when I can get some nice, well made, clothes in the process of getting a doll I like, I better go for it. Buying fabric and notions and spending time making clothes, takes time away from me making more furniture and developing more products.

  8. I don't want you to have to eat toast all month, either. I just had to chuckle because of one of your comments on my "This is It!" blog.

    I just photographed my December doll purchases. While I thought I purchased more, 13, is still a lot of dolls to acquire in one month.

    I didn't mean to sound too overjoyed at your doll dilemma, but it is sort of comforting to know I'm not the only one suffering from on and off doll-buying frenzies.


  9. Congrats on your purchase! I was on a buget up until Xmas. I have been buying a few new things. I'm on the hunt for the Jean AA #17! I must track him down! I plan to swap his body and put him in something hot. I like the #15 too. Thus far in my area I have not seen any of the men...bummer! I have only seen three of the women. I can't figure out the shipping method on this doll!!!!!

  10. @DBG You mean my "Good luck with that." comment. LOL! Who is the doll that is sitting with your Dru? He is beautiful.

  11. @ Ms. Leo That's who I've been hunting for! Can't find him yet, so I must be patient. I am wondering how he and Danielle might look together? I have to get her out and dating soon. I like the muscles on the Basic men bodies. Oh how I wish they could move.

  12. Hi Vanessa -- The doll seated with Dru is Willy by Helen Kish. He was made in 1995/1996 as part of Kish's Dance & Play collection. He's been on my wish list for several years. I finally found him on eBay last month. Love him. I will feature another collector's Willy on my blog soon. Stay tuned.



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