Friday, January 28, 2011

Photos from my upcoming video - Visiting the Pediatrician

My upcoming video takes place at the pediatrician's office. Here are a few shots. The video should be posted by this weekend.

There's baby Aiden.

There's Lisa and baby Chelsea.

Isn't she adorable? Not sure what happened to her socks.

The ladies are getting ready to call the first patient.
That's my newly purchased Barbie Basic, rebodied.


  1. Wow, you can tell you enjoy your diorama hobby because you get better and better. Again, great detail! Your new Barbie Basic Jeans (sorry I don't remember what number she is) is a perfect match for her articulate body and she's got such a gorgeous face. I for one will be tunning in this weekend to watch the latest Vans Dolls episodes. LOL...

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. @ Afroindia That is not the Denim Basics Barbie. This one is from the first series. I do have the Denim one. She is actually the twin to this one. They look similar, but different enough that they make great twins. You know they will have a story soon.

  3. Very creative as usual. I continue to admire your patience and attention to detail.


  4. Love your doctor's office setup. Nice re-bodying of the Barbie Basics Teresa. (I forget the numbers usually.)

  5. I always enjoy your dioramas! As simple as that clock in the background was so bang on, it really looks like a doctor's office!

  6. Very nice Vanessa. I always love your dioramas. They are full of detail and always on point.

  7. Hello from Spain: I love the decorations you put on the doctor's office. I love the polka dot chair. Sure you did. What art have. The baby in the pram I love it. It is a newborn. Is Barbie or purchased from another collection?? The baby Chelsea is also adorable. The clothes that you put is beautiful you made your Will? I'm looking forward to seeing the full video. We remain in contact blog blog

  8. Marta - Thanks. I really enjoyed doing that video. The baby is a newborn that is made from clay. I bought him from a lady on ebay who makes them. Hope you got a chance to see the video. A new video will be up by tomorrow.


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