Friday, December 10, 2010

Whew! Finally the Christmas Video

I say whew, but this was a fun story to do.  For the most part all the dolls cooperated.  Out of all the dolls, only 4 of them had stands.  So as you can imagine, when someone would occasionally fall, there would be the terrible domino effect, since they were all standing so close.  Luckily this only happened twice. Thank goodness for flat feet dolls and strollers used for support!  My favorite store, Toys R Us, is front and center.  The next post will just feature a slideshow of the actual Santa pictures. Click on the title below to see the movie. Hope you enjoy.

Note: Thanks to Dukasha for finding a naming error in the video. This is the revised video.

Visiting Santa at the Mall


  1. I like your Christmas photos and videos. :) It's nice to see so many doll families with their kids at once. But the doll with little baby - isn't her name Lisa? You have so many of them, sometimes it's hard to remember...

  2. @ Dukasha LOL! you are so right. I even went back to make sure I had the right name, and still ended up typing the wrong name. That name Leslie just stays in my head. On 2 other videos, I was mixing up Danielle with Leslie's name. Thanks for catching that error. The revised video still has a minor error, but I'm not changing it.

  3. Yes, the screen, saying that the new friend arrives, appears twice - with Leslie and with Lisa...
    Well, you just love your Leslie, don't you? :) My favourite doll's name was Carrie, and my fingers still manage to type Carrie every time I am going to type something similar, but not her name. :D
    One more thing I wanted to tell you - I also like dolls with Asha mold. Really, it's my favourite Mattel mold, though Carrie had Christie face. I have something about 7 or 8 dolls with Asha face, though I'm a little tired of it now and trying to buy AA dolls with other faces also. I hope I can also have many different AA families in several months... Our biggest problem now is finding good daddies for all kids. :) Well, I have several AA action figures, but I need more and I hate their black gloves, so I need to find more figures with normal hands for hand swapping...

  4. @ Dukasha As you can see, I am bad with names. That is one of the reasons I wanted to blog about the families and give them permanent names. I would name them, then I couldn't remember what their names were. This way there is a record. I wasn't very familiar with the different face molds, so I had to look up Asha. She is pretty, but there are so many, I can't pick a favorite. This did prompt me to do a blog entry on the different face molds. So THANKS!

  5. I think it's a good idea. Much better than writing the doll's names on their feet in ink. I have several dolls, whose previous owner did that with them...
    Sometimes I also want to do something like this with my families (a record somewhere I mean, not ink on the feet), but most of my dolls don't have names and many family members are not bought yet, so I just want to place their photos in Word file together, and see, if they look as a family for me. But I never find time for that. :)
    As for the molds, I'm also not a great specialist and usually find the needed information at KattisDolls, but molds used for Mattel AA dolls are mostly the same. Almost all AA Barbies and Christies in 90-s had Christie mold and later they all got Asha mold. There are some AA dolls with Mbili mold and some others, but not many of them.


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