Monday, December 13, 2010

Barbie Face Molds

Hope everyone had a great weekend. It was too cold to be outside for long. Saturday I did venture to JoAnn fabrics to pick up some much needed supplies and Sunday was a day of sewing for Barbie.  I used to sew all the time and I was quite good at it.  Now I am trying to get back into it and it has not been smooth sailing.  All of my dolls have different bodies, which means a lot of pattern altering. So by the time I make a test garment, make changes, then make the real garment, I realize I should have just bought an outfit from Etsy or ebay.  I would have spent my time better making more furniture or shooting another video.

Anyhow, one of my avid blog followers, Dukasha, commented this weekend about the Mattel Asha face mold. Of course, not being familiar with the names of the face molds, I did a search and found a wonderful site that has information on hundreds of face molds. Okay, it is probably not that many, but you get my drift. I thought I would share it with you.  I found it interesting to see what a difference it was when they used the same face mold across ethnic lines.  Hope you find this as interesting as I did. 

Note: This link takes you to some of the ethnic face molds. If you go to the home page on the website, there are links to many other face molds.


  1. Yes, we in Russia also know and like KattisDolls. :) There was a period, when it didn't work for me and I thought that the site was dead, but then learned, that it was working for other people. And after some time it began to work for me again. I was happy. :)
    As for sewing I understand you very well. :) My dolls also have different bodies and I'm not a great pattern maker. But I don't like to buy outfits, I always think, that I should make them myself. As a result my dolls don't have clothes at all. :D

  2. I was in a toy store recently and a women comment that they doll have all the doll clothes for Barbie that they did in the past. I told her that Barbie’s body had changed some much in the past ten years they can’t keep up.
    I just switched some of my doll from the original Barbie body that had bigger bust and smaller hips and waste to the belly button body (BB). The BB body doesn’t fit most of the older pants. I was surprised when I tried to put some of the Fashion Fever (FF) pants on the BB bodies, not all of them fit either. The last wave of the FF dolls, the ones they called the troll dolls were built different too. They had the BB waste but the torso and the hips are smaller! Right now I have some dolls with the original body, some with the BB body, some with the troll body, some with Francie and Teen Skipper bodies. You have to keep a score card.
    Yes, make clothes when you can but I find it easier sometimes to take the clothes from cheaper dolls when I can. I buy Kari Michell things when I can. The pants are an issue for the BB dolls but you are getting four outfits, a jacket and a coat for about $12.00 at Big Lot or some Target stores. There use to be 11” dolls and clothes in the dollar store but not so much anymore. When I see them I buy them too! It use to be cheaper to make stuff than to buy it but I am not sure that is true anymore? Along as you don’t have to pay shipping; I think you are ahead of the game.

  3. And I have many dolls with TNT body, some with BB body, several with old posable body, two with Shani body, one with Fashionista body... And some non-Mattel dolls, whose body is similar to Barbie's, but not absolutely identical. I also have two HF grandma dolls, one Flavas Kiyoni, many Teen Skipper dolls, many 90-s Skipper dolls, two dolls with HSM body, one Jazzie, several BFC teen dolls and a huge amount of different doll kids of all sizes. Besides I have many male dolls, they need clothes too. It's really a problem.

  4. @ Ms. Leo I bought quite a bit of Kari Mitchell a few years ago. Those were a bargain. A few years ago they sold for $9.99 and you got at least 6 outfits. The ones I saw recently were smaller and included a doll. NO MORE DOLLS! I just ordered a few items from an ebay seller, toysity. I'm waiting to see how the quality is. I also ordered from an ebay seller maryasewing. I got a Ken outfit that fits my WorldPeaceKeeper really nicely. Her prices are fantastic. I went back to her site and she had sold most of the other Ken outfits I wanted. She is definitely going to stay on my list for Ken clothes.

  5. @ Dukasha You and Ms. Leo have made me dizzy with all those Barbie bodies. So when are you going to start your sewing. It's too cold for your Barbies to be clothesless!

  6. Yes, my Barbies and other dolls are not happy. Well, I'm not sure they are cold, because most of them have their original clothes, but it often looks strange and rather silly, so they all want to get something else. And I'm always afraid that I'm not able to make clothes that is good enough for them... But if I buy clothes, I'll never be good at sewing and I want to. So... as a result I do nothing. :D


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