Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Barbie Video: Dinner at the Taylors

Here is the latest video.  When we left off, the ladies were in the process of planning the Daddy/Daughter dance. In this video Lisa is following up with her task.  In a previous video with these two families, Antoinette hosted a Coffee and Dessert gathering.  You got a chance to see the formal dining room and Julian Kenaz's room. (He is now only referred to as Kenaz).  In this video you get to see the kitchen and the family room where the family spends most of their time.  It appears that one of the kids was playing with daddy's sunglasses and has left them under the table.  I'm not sure how Antoinette missed that in her cleaning. Enjoy!

Once again, this video is better viewed fullscreen to see the dialogue the best. Click on the YouTube logo in the lower right hand corner to be taken to YouTube where you can watch it fullscreen.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you.  I made extra pizzas that I will be posting on my Etsy site before the week is over. 


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  2. WOW! You're getting too good for youtube. :) I LOVE the Taylor's home, it's got a contemporary flair. That white slipcover sofa is gorgeous! I can't wait to shop your furniture store for my dollies. I'm waiting for a shipment on a doll I just couldn't resist that I purchased from eBay. She's going to complete my characters and then I could use two more living room sets to go along with my families/couples and the single people apartments. :)

  3. Just a quick question, how did you find those highchairs? I have looked all over ebay and can't seem to find them!


    P.S I love their kitchen!

  4. @Hailey The red/white highchair was from a mini cabbage patch set. I think it is at least 4 yrs old. The blue one in the daycare video is from a Happy Family set from '03/'04. There is another one (I don't have it), from a Kelly doll eating set. I know I have seen this one on ebay. Good luck finding one. I would like to get more. They are great props.

  5. Really this is very nice collection...beautiful post..thanks for sharing here..


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