Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Video - Visit the Lees (Sunni and Chang) at home

This is my longest video so far. It features my Asian family, the Lees, and the newly expanded fundraising committee.  I managed to quickly sew a few outfits for the ladies:  Danielle's suit skirt and jacket, Leslie's skirt and top, Vanessa's dress, Lisa's pants, and little Amaya's dress.  

I recommend that you make the video full screen.  It makes the text easier to read.  To do this, click on the YouTube logo in the lower right corner to be taken directly to the larger YouTube video.  Hope you enjoy it!


  1. I always look forward to seeing new dioramas from you, I'm hooked on the ongoing events with your girls, etc. I love how family oriented your stories are and so positive. Very soon I hope to purchase one of your furniture originals but I have to stop myself from buying more dolls.LOL...I was originally hooked on the FR dolls until I saw your dioramas and another person who uses play line dolls and now I prefer them over FR's. Their beauty is more approachable I think and not so over the top. Just curious, do you use foam core board for some of your walls as extensions to your doll houses? Also, have you ever used Gloria doll furniture in some of your dioramas and if so do you use glue to make them more sturdy?

  2. @afroindia619 Thanks! I like to keep them simple and drama free. I like that with the regular Barbies, I have such varied looks without needing to do makeovers. They look more like regular people to me. I only have a couple FRs. I also have a few Jason Wus from when he used to sell at Walmart years ago. They are part of my family line and you will see them soon. My houses are usually all foamcore walls. Ocassionally I will incorporate Grandmas kitchen and The Barbie house in scene with extended walls. I have used Gloria's table and chairs. I will add a little glue if they are to be permanent. But I usually will change colors and use them again and again, so I keep them unglued.

  3. I agree about the FR dolls. Most of them look ill tempered! There is something about the pupil not meeting the bottom of the eye that doesn't work for me. Anyway, the fact that you make new outfits for your dolls before shotting videos.... that blows me away! I have a hard enought time finding the outfits I have, let alone making something. You stories are up beat and positive. They seem like real life women and families! Great work as always!

  4. @ Ms.Leo LOL! I don't always make the outfits. That was a special occasion. I think I will have to make a lot more though. It's part of creating their personalities. What would a particular doll wear? I think they need some of their own unique pieces. Of course I am dreading that daddy/daughter dance. I need to start sewing now for all those little girls. And if I have to make all those suits, oh lawd! And who do you think will be making all the food. What have I gotten myself into.

  5. @ Vanessa...Wow, you even make the clothing? True artist! Can't wait to see the story line of the other families. I have that Stephen doll, I put him with a Cali girl Lea and they have a little girl. He's got such a great "dad" face. I also use quite a few Power Elite Team action guys, they have such handsome faces. I'm still coveting FR Lukas, Takeo and Darius but the price is more than my car note. :(

    @ Ms. Leo...they do look mean don't they? LOL...They'd make the perfect mother's though if you're doing a Joan Crawford Mommy Dearest type skit.


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