Monday, November 15, 2010

New Loveseat for Barbie and Friends

I bought this fabric combination about 3 weeks ago.  I absolutely loved it when I saw it in the store.  I wanted to make a really unique chair for Barbie.  Well, that idea fell through when my first chair was a flop.  I decided to do a loveseat, which I haven't done in years.  I'm a sofa and chair kind of gal.  Even in real life, I always thought "Get the sofa, you can fit more people".  Well, the loveseat is actually perfect for fashion doll life.  It's a nice size to fit in most doll scenes and it's perfect for cuddling with your fashion doll man!

Leslis and David Anderson are doing just that.  Remember the Andersons?  If not, they are featured in a couple of previous blog entries.  Check it out.

For more detailed pictures and information on how to obtain this sofa, go to

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