Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Family: The Harper Family

Meet Danielle and her 2 boys Julian, 6, and Jacob, 2.  Danielle works full-time as an editor at the magazine, Working Woman.  Tragically, her husband was killed in a car accident over a year ago.  Danielle mourned for 6 months.  Then she realized that she had to pull herself together for her boys.  She attended a few counseling sessions to get back on her feet.  She has done very well and the boys seem to be adjusting, day by day.  Julian has bad moments, occasionally, but overall he is a happy kid.  He just recently entered the 1st grade and his teacher, Ms. Wilson, says he's a joy to have in class. Now Jacob is another story all together. He is quite the handful. He keeps Danielle more than busy.  He's too young to really remember his dad, but Danielle thinks that those 6 months when she mentally checked out, allowed Jacob to become a little terror.  Danielle is slowly getting him under control.

Danielle recently started a support group for single mothers. She knows there are other single mothers out there that can use some support.

Stay tuned to learn more about Danielle Harper and sons!


  1. I love hearing doll stories. Thanks for sharing yours ;-)

  2. I love your Doll stories, I stop watching them!
    Thanks for posting them! Their so beautiful!Great

  3. Hello coraeubanks52 - Thanks so much for looking at the videos. I am glad that you enjoy them. Stay tuned. There are more videos on the way!

  4. What kind of doll is little Jacob? I would love to have one just like him!!!


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