Monday, November 8, 2010

Doll Show Goodies to Redo

This Saturday, I attended a local doll show in Marietta, GA.  I had no intention on buying anything, since I had already spent my doll budget for the month.  I just wanted to go and see my doll friends. There's something about being around doll people that can be inspiring.  You get all these ideas and enough energy to work on new projects.  Well you know it never fails.  When you see a bargain, you start spending money that was pegged for something a bill!  I came across this one booth, where this lady had a ton of old Barbie stuff for really cheap prices.  Being a diorama person, I am always looking for inexpensive props.  I couldn't pass that up, right?  I rarely regret buying something I can really use.  I only regret not buying it.  So I spent some bill money.  Actually, it was my grocery money.  Nothing like being forced to eat less!



  1. Great finds! I think the stroller is Bratz?

  2. Ooooooh! Such great finds! I'm so jealous! Yup, that grocery money just flies out of my hands too, when I find a deal! Nothing like a good dolly diet, lol! Can't wait to see what you do with it all!

  3. Since I'm new to your site and a new collector...I'm a little late on some of your posts. I wanted to say I completely agree with the comment you made about "being inspired" when around doll people. This is the reason I love visiting your site & seeing your dioramas, it's very inspiring. I'm going to search the internet and see if we have any doll shows or conventions in Southern California.

    Great finds!

  4. @ Afroindia619 I really hope you're able to find some shows. There is nothing like the feeling of being around doll people all day. I never have the intent to stay all day, but everytime I get ready to leave I feel like I'm going to miss out on something. I'm glad that you and others like the dioramas. It really keeps me creating. I feel like I'm disappointing you guys if I don't do at least a video every other week. By the way, I love your profile doll! I have a doll with hair like that. She will be coming up, but it will be a little while. Happy New Year.


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