Thursday, November 4, 2010

Something special for the baby

Where does the time go?  I can't believe it is Thursday already.  I will be spending my day in a class, that I hope will help me with my business.  I will miss my studio today.

As you may have figured out, I love the idea of the fashion doll family.  Particularly because I love the infants and the toddlers. Case in point, my YouTube video, Barbie Daycare.  Even in miniature form they seem to have so much character.  Everytime I go to a superstore, I walk through the baby section to see what's new and to see what my Barbie babies may need me to make in miniature form.

Well I just created my first baby diaper and bunting set!  Actually it is my 2nd one, because my dolls had to have the first one.  This one is actually cooler than the first one.  I will be adding more baby accessories in the upcoming months.  Friday I will be making my next baby crib.  The first one sold very quickly and she absolutely loved it!

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  1. Vanessa, I'm happy to find you blog. I'm a doll collector from Russia and love the idea of the fashion doll family also. I have many doll kids, teens, babies and try to find parents for them. It's an interesting process. :) I like your photos and videos with doll families, they are so nice. :)

  2. @Dukasha Thanks so much! Glad that you found me. I love creating doll scenes. Do you take pictures of your dolls? I would love to see them. Are there different fashion dolls in Russia? I have more videos on YouTube. One that shows lots of babies would be Hope you chose to follow my blog. There will be lots more families and more videos. Keep in touch.

  3. Yes, I take pictures sometimes, but I'm not a good photographer and don't like most of them, so I usually don't post them anywhere. But there are some photos on Flickr: You will not find many photos of doll families there, because most of my families are still in my imagination, but I'm working at it. :) The problem is that I like kids more than adult dolls and often choose to buy another kid instead of the parents for the kids I already have, but I hope that little by little I'll collect the adult family members too. :) I usually have a lot of ideas and plans about doll families I'm going to have one day. As for the fashion dolls in Russia, we have little of interesting dolls in stores, and black dolls (which I'm a great fan of) are always very rare in our country, so I buy most of my dolls on eBay.
    Yes, I'd like to see more of your doll families and videos about them. :) I saw several of them on YouTube yesterday, but I'm not sure that I saw everything you have. I'll check it tonight when I'm at home. Thanks for sharing and sorry for the bad English. You are very kind. :)


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