Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Crib on the Horizon

Today I worked on making a wooden crib, that I desperately needed for my new baby room.  The crib that I have, that I purchased years ago was too small for the room.  Well, I set out today to make one, spindle by spindle.  I am fairly happy with the results, even though it is not quite finished.  Still needs a little sanding and marks erased. Of course, there is still the bedding to do.  This won't take much time.  Hope to have it all finished by tomorrow evening.  \I will add this new line to the furniture I sell, once I perfect it a little more.  The new baby room pictures should be out shortly.  So stay tuned.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!

1 comment:

  1. Very creative!

    As an inspired follower of your blog, you have been chosen as a recipient of The Versatile Bloggers Award. Thanks for sharing your creativity and cute doll stories.

    For more information about the award and whether or not you choose to accept it, please visit my blog.




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