Sunday, September 12, 2010

Inspiration through Paula Deen and Fantasia

Well yesterday was September 11th.  I am always concerned that something crazy may happen on this day.  Luckily it went off without a hitch.  At least in my world.  I attended "For Sisters Only" (F.S.O.) at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.  This is a two day function where vendors and artists come together to offer new products and great performances (not all of them were so great).  In between performances I read my Paula Deen Memoirs. I always look for inspiration from people I admire.  Trying to operate a small business sometimes seems daunting, so you look to people who have done it successfully.  You realize they pay their dues along the way and it is not so perfect in their world, although it seems that way today.  Paula Deen had an incredibly hard life once she turned 18 and it didn't seem to get better until she was well into her 40's.  It is amazing how far she has come. 

Although I enjoyed my time at F.S.O, the whole time I was wishing I was at home making food and furniture for Barbie.  Luckily this morning I got up, finished up some food items and got them posted on Etsy.  Yesterday I received a nice note from an Etsy customer who loved the chair she just received from me. What's more she requested a matching piece.  Yeah!  This is a sign of success for a small business, a happy customer wanting more! 

So today I am headed back to F.S.O.  Fantasia is performing today.  I must see her.  She is also very inspirational to me.  Everytime she sings I find myself tearing up.  Although she is currently working through some life issues, the fact that she realized a dream of singing and has come so far, is amazing.  Tonight I hope I am not too tired to come back and continue my quest to be a successful doll business owner!

What is your dream?  Are you working on it?  Who inspires you?

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