Saturday, September 4, 2010

Inspired once again

I admit I have not done well keeping up with my blogging. I have been dealing with an illness, that was totally consuming. It was difficult for me to even think about working with dolls or doing anything else creative. As I was coming out of my sickness fog, after 7 months of pain and realizing that tomorrow wasn't a given, I decided to take a peek at my You Tube account a couple of weeks ago. Boy was I shocked! People, to the tune of over 16,000, had viewed my Barbie videos. That was pretty shocking because I had struggled over the last year trying to get numbers. I was immediately propelled to get busy. The next day I miraculously got the energy to clean and organize my craft room and start doing scenes again. I have been going full for force since them. I reactivated my Etsy sell shop ( and worked on 3 scenes simultaneously. I had never done that before! On the latest video I even attempted Stop Motion Video. Where was all this energy coming from? I don't know and I stopped asking and just took advantage. Even when I went for my monthly doctor appt, he was dumbfounded at my turnabout, because the numbers really didn't support it. He said, we'll base it on how you feel, and not on the numbers. Yeah!!! Otherwise, he would have probably thrown me in the hospital. Update: I had another appt a week ago, and the numbers were better. I have to thank all those viewers to my YouTube site. Of course, there were other factors that helped my energy level, but I must admit everything came together as soon as I saw that people had found me and were interested in what I had to offer.

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