Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Unexpected Guest (Photostory)

Kara and Jolisa are back from the park.  Chris will probably be at band practice for another couple of hours.  Kara is looking forward to just spending time with Jolisa and reconnecting.

"Okay missy, I'm going to go get dinner started.  I need you to go take off those dirty clothes and get ready for a quick bath.  I'm sure you have sand in places you shouldn't."  (Kara)

As Kara heads to the kitchen, and Jolisa heads to her room, the phone rings.
"I'LL GET IT!"  (Jolisa, as she turns and runs back to the phone)

"Hello. (pause)  Hi auntie Maya.  (pause)  She's in the kitchen.  (pause)  No, Daddy's not here.  (pause)  You want to speak to Mommy?"  (Jolisa)

"Ask her if I can call her back later?  We have baths to take and dinner to eat."  (Kara)

"Mommy said call back later.  (pause)  Okay, bye."  (Jolisa)

"What did auntie Maya have to say?"  (Kara) 

"She said she's coming by later."  (Jolisa)

"Calling back later?"  (Kara)
"Nooo.  She's coming over later."  (Jolisa)
Great, Kara sarcastically thinks to herself.  There goes her quiet alone time with her daughter.

"What are we having for dinner?"  (Jolisa)

"We're having chicken and veggies."  (Kara)
"Can I have french fries?"  (Jolisa)
"You are going to turn into a french fry, but yes, I will fix you some fries."  (Kara)
"Yaaaay."  (Jolisa)
Kara pours a little olive oil over the chicken to help it crisp up as it sears in the pot.

A short while later she adds red wine as her braising liquid.

"Okay munchkin, the chicken is cooking, so we can go take our bath and put on our pjs."  (Kara)

 Thirty minutes later....
The ladies have emerged from the back, bathed and dressed for lounging.
"Mommy, can I watch tv?"  (Jolisa)
"No," but before she can finish her sentence, the door bell rings.
"Ooh, ooh.  I'll get it."  (Jolisa)
"No you won't.  I'll get it."  (Kara)

Kara peers out the peephole and sees her youngest sister standing there.

"Hey guys.  Thanks so much for inviting me to dinner."  (Maya)
"We didn't invite you to dinner."  (Kara)
"Are you sure?  Jolisa said come by later, we're having dinner."  (Maya)
"She said call back later."  (Kara)
"Ohhhh.  Well I'm here now."  (Maya)
"Whatever.  Have a seat.  I'm going to check on my chicken."  (Kara)

"What's up, pipsqueak?"  (Maya)
"Auntie Maya today we went to the playground and all my friends were there and....."  (Jolisa)
"Okay.  Okay.  That was a rhetorical question.  I really wasn't looking for an answer."  (Maya)

"Now that smells good.  I'm going in to see what's cooking."  (Maya)

"Mmmn, that smells good.  Whatcha cookin?"  (Maya)

"Chicken and beans."  (Kara)

"Smells very gourmet."  (Maya)
"When are you going to learn how to cook, so you can stop conveniently stopping by people's houses at dinner time?"  (Kara)
"But then you guys would miss me, and we don't want that."  (Maya)

"Jolisa, I said no tv.  Come take your seat, while I fix your plate."  (Kara)

Kara delivers Jolisa a plate with a drumstick, fries, and carrot sticks.  She's not a fan of green beans.  Not many kids are.
"Where's the ketchup?"  (Jolisa)
"Sorry, I forgot."  (Kara)

"No carrots for me.  I think I'm allergic."  (Maya)

"You are not allergic to carrots and if you are going to eat, I suggest you get up and fix your plate."  (Kara)
"But I'm the guest."  (Maya)
"Well, guess what...."  (Kara)
Poor Kara.


  1. She Is Something Else.....Maya Reminds Me Of Myself

  2. Maya just made that up. Kara's too nice. I would have called her right back and told her to stay home.

    Plus, Maya was a little rude to Jolisa. Poor girl couldn't share her story about the park.

    I agree: Poor Kara.

  3. I loved this one everything about it, yes I'm shm bcause Maya is truely something else. Kara's home looks so... good and her cooking dinner wow.. great. I'm loving the new stories and more ppl. Thankk You :-)

  4. LOL at Maya! She reminds me of someone I know. Glad to see you are doing more stories again and am loving Kara's house!

  5. Ha Maya! The table in Kara's living room looks like a mini version of one I've seen in real life.

  6. Kara's home is adorable. How dare Maya be so rude to Jolisa!

    Glad you a doing better!

  7. LOL, Maya is so wrong! Bad enough she's a food moocher but to blow off her niece? That aint right.

  8. I like Maya, but if I were Kara, the scene would go like this:

    Maya rings doorbell.

    Dana as Kara to Jolisa: Honey, we're going to play a game "Respect my space." Auntie Maya is like the Big, Bad Wolf. She can ring and she can ring, but WE ain't letting her in.

    Maya rings doorbell again and again.

    Dana as Kara places padding around doorbell device inside. Muffles the ringing sound. Mother and daughter settle down for a nice, peaceful dinner.

    Lesosn: if you were not invited, do NOT come pounding on my door ;-)

  9. Hello from Spain: I love these chairs in the living room. Nice photos. The kitchen is also very nice. They are very realistic dialogues. The girl is lovely. Keep in touch


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