Saturday, May 9, 2009


Had a few setbacks. My computer decided to experience problems. just as I was getting the business up and running. That is the most frustrating thing. To think that all your information is lost for good. To try to figure out how to afford a new computer. Talk about stress!

Well it all turned out okay. My computer apparently needed a break. After a weekend off, it decided to work again.

I added more items to my Etsy account. I am now up to 8 items. Yeah! I only have 92 more to go. I understand that once you get to 100 items your business does a lot better. I am getting more people looking at my items, but not enough. I have to do a little marketing. I have some ideas. My goal is to put some of them in play this weekend. By the way, I did get my banner up. I am really happy with it. It features furniture and dolls.

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