Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Chatting After Church (Photostory)

After reading some blog posts today, I was motivated to do a quick story.  Not to mention Dasia put on her new dress and went to church today.  (It's Sunday here in Morristown).  So Roberta invited Camille and Daisa over for tea and treats.  They have been chatting for hours.  With Roberta being new to town, the ladies are catching her up on all the juicy gossip and other critical things she needs to know.

"Well this has been quite enlightening.  Such a small town, but the people are quite interesting."  (Roberta)

"An eclectic community, but it's a great place to raise a family."  (Dasia)
"Are there any senior meeting groups here in town.  That is very popular in Florida."  (Roberta)

"There isn't anything formal at the moment, but that could be a great project for us to get started."  (Camille)
"It's always great to get together and do day trips or go see a matinee.  I personally love staying busy.  You know they say it helps keep away the alzeimers."  (Roberta)
"That and crossword puzzles."  (Dasia)
The ladies start laughing.  They are interrupted by the phone ringing.  
"Excuse me, ladies."  (Roberta)

"Hellooo.  (pause)  Oh hi honey.  Yes, I'm just sitting here shooting the breeze with a couple of friends from church.  (pause)  Oh I almost forgot I was keeping the boys tonight.  Goodness is it  5' o clock already?  This day has flown by.  (pause)   Yes, okay.  I'll see you guys in a few."  (Roberta)

Roberta replaces the receiver on the hook.

"I almost forgot that I agreed to keep my grandsons while my daughter and her husband go out to dinner."  (Roberta)

"Can I get you ladies more coffee or something else to eat?"  (Roberta)

"If I drink any more coffee, I think I will float away."  (Camille) 

"And if I eat another bite,  I'm going to pop a button on this dress."  (Dasia)

"Well I'll just sit and relax then.  It has been such a treat having you guys over.  We will have to do this again soon."  (Roberta)

"And I'm serious about us starting a seniors meetup group."  (Camille)

"Count me in for that.  I have a closet full of nice clothes and nowhere to wear them."  (Dasia)

"Excuse me again ladies.  That must be Danielle and the boys.  I'll be right back."  (Roberta)

Camille and Dasia continue talking as Roberta heads downstairs to the door.

Roberta peeks through the side window to make sure it's Danielle.  She happily opens the door and ushers them in.

"Hi mom.  Thanks so much for watching the boys."  (Danielle)
"Hi grandma."  (Julian)

"Hi sweeties."  (Roberta to the kids)
"Why do you have them dressed in those hot clothes?  (Roberta to Danielle)
"Because your house is always like an ice box.  I wanted them to be comfortable."  (Danielle)
"I guess I still think I'm in Florida."  (Roberta) 

"You want to come up and say hello to Camille and Dasia?"  (Roberta)
"Mom, I can't.  I still have to go home and change.  I promised Rod I would be on time today."  (Danielle)
"Okay, honey.  Well enjoy your time and if you need to leave the boys here overnight, that's not a problem."  (Roberta)
"I'll call you later and let you know.  I really have to run.  Here is Jacob's truck.  This will keep him busy."  (Danielle)
Danielle kisses the boys goodbye and heads out.

"Are you two hungry or thirsty?"  (Roberta)
"No, we just ate at home. Grandma can I watch tv?"  (Julian)
"First you have to say hello to my friends.  Let's go upstairs."  (Roberta)
"On the elevator?!"  (Julian)
"Yes, of course.  Grab Jacob's hand."  (Roberta)

"I wish we had an elevator at home.  Walking up those stairs gets so tiring."  (Julian)
"What in the world do you know about getting tired?  By the way, little boys shouldn't be walking around with their chest out, so let's zip up that sweatshirt."  (Roberta)

"Are you ladies doing okay?"  (Roberta)

"We are just fine."  (Camille)

"Sorry it took so long.  I just wanted to make sure they weren't hungry.  Boys, please say hello to Mrs. Camille and Mrs. Dasai."  (Roberta)
The boys say hello simultaneously.

"Hello young men."  (Camille) 

"Aren't grandchildren the best.  You can spoil them rotten and then send them home.  Speaking of home, I better be getting to mine.  Sunday dinner is prepared, but if I'm not there to serve it, it will sit there untouched."  (Dasia)
"I better be heading out, too.  My husband has texted me three times in the last hour, so I know he's wondering when I'm coming home."  (Camille)
"Well I will walk you guys out.  Thanks again for coming.  We will reconvene real soon."  (Roberta)
Roberta turns on the tv before she heads downstairs.  She instructs the boys to sit on the sofa and wait for her to return.

When she returns the boys are watching one of their favorite cartoons, Transformers.  

"Jacob let's get these shoes off.  Pee-uuu.  Stinky feet."  (Roberta)
Roberta is so happy to have her grandchildren living so close.  Florida was nice, but being able to see her grandchildren grow up will be priceless.

She will probably need to get another tv.  There's no way she will be able to watch these crazy cartoons on a regular basis.


  1. Nice to see the Women together. Dasia watch those buttons....LOL (Just what she said), Really I bet Dasia can cook up a storm. Great story! :-)

    1. Ladonna - Thanks. Yes, Dasia can throw down in the kitchen. I probably need to add a few pair of pants with elastic in the waist for those times she wants to let loose a bit.

  2. Another great story. Thanks for sharing!

    1. KMQ - Thanks. I always appreciate you stopping by.

  3. It was great to see Dasia in a story Now I am curious to see who she has waiting for her at home. :-)

    1. limbe.dolls - Now that I put that out there, I guess I need to make sure there's someone at home waiting. I'm working on it.

  4. Oh I am so curious to Dasia's home and family! And Roberta's dress looks so pretty on her! Are you going to make Dasia any hats? I went to church with a bunch of ladies as girl who wore hats, I used to lvoe wearing hats as a teen an still do. That was one great thing about Easter, buying a hat.

    1. Lisa Neault - I'm still working on Dasia's family. I think I secured her a grown son this morning. Still working on the husband. In the previous post I mentioned Dasia needing a hat to go with this dress. Hats are on the list, albeit waaayyy at the bottom.

  5. Interesting to see Danielle and the boys with Roberta. Even more interesting to see Roberta with her friends!

    Grandma is a person, too ;-)

    1. D7ana - Roberta didn't waste any time making friends. She's very social. Danielle used to be that way before she got married. I see where she gets it from now.

  6. Nice little story. I bet Rod and Danielle really love having her so close. So what's for dinner??!

    1. Phyllis - Having grandma close by is a definite plus. I didn't stop by Dasia's to see what she cooked. She's big on southern dishes with a little flair.

  7. Please Vanessa, I want to see Dasia cooking a Sunday meal!

    1. billa's dolls - I'm sure we can arrange a stop by Dasia's kitchen in the near future. Good thing I made her some aprons.

  8. YAY! New story! Is Dasia married? How many children does she have? Yes, I'm staying tuned to find out....

    1. Janainah - Yay! Yes, she is married. I know she has at least a grown son. She may have a grown daughter, too. I'm not sure yet.

  9. I guess I'm Dasia! If I am not there to serve it it goes untouched! WTH? Can people dish themselves a plate? No body every has to say "Leo, do you want some baked macaroni" if it is cooked. But I guess I created that monster so I got to live with it. I loved the story! Well I've got to go do the dishes now.

    1. Ms. Leo - Wow, that is interesting. I'm not surprised to see that in Dasia's age, but you guys are a lot younger. That's okay. He's always appeared to be a great hubby, so consider it one of his perks.

  10. So cute! I am playing catch up. Love all of Dasia's outfits. And I love your new background! Been looking at the olive green for 4 years! ;-)


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