Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hello Kitty Cafe Part 2 (Photostory)

 We are back at the Hello Kitty restaurant.  Robin and the girls have finished their ice cream and they are headed out.

"Okay little ladies, it's time to go home. Here. put your jacket on."  (Robin)

"Did I forget anything?"  (Waitress)

"I think we have everything."  (Antoinette)

"Don't move.  I just need to check to make sure we have everything."  (Robin)

"Nikaya, those onion rings look delicious. Are you sharing?"  (Amtoinette)
"Nooo.  I don't have very many."  (Nikaya)

"You want one of my nuggets, Mommy?"  (Zahara)
"That's sweet, but no thank you."  (Antoinette)

"Bye.  Thanks for coming."  (Valencia)
"Thank you."  (Robin)

"Is it possible for us to move to that open booth?"  (Kerry)
"Sure.  Let me just go clean it up, then you can come right over."  (Waitress)

"Grab your drink, Amber.  We're moving to another table."  (Kerry)
"Why?"  (Amber)
"Just come with me, please."  (Kerry)

"The booth is all ready"  (Waitress)

"Thanks so much. I really appreciate it."  (Kerry) 

Looks like Kerry's husband has arrived with his daughter, Christina.

"I'm meeting my wife here.  There she is, coming towards us."  (Professor Morgan) 

"Oh look. Daddy and Christine just arrived."  (Kerry) 
"Where?"  (Amber)
"Keep walking.  You'll see them in a minute."  (Kerry)

The Morgans greet each other before taking their seat.
"Hey pumpkin. I like that shirt."  (Christine to Amber)
"Hey hon.  I'm glad you guys could make it."  (Kerry to Professor) 

"So how was the driving lesson?"  (Kerry)

"It was really good.  I think I'm just about ready to get my license."  (Christina)

"Were you in the same car I was in?"  (Dad)
"Oh come on Dad.  You know I did a good job."  (Christina)
"You did okay."  (Dad) 

"What can I get you to drink?"  (Waitress)
"I'll have a Coke please."  (Professor)

"And for you?"  (Waitress)
"Do you have lemonade?"  (Christina)
"Yes we do."  (Waitress)

"Girls, go to the bathroom and come right back.  Zahara, do not play in the water.  I don't want to have to come in there.  Are we clear?"  (Antoinette)
"Yep, we're clear."  (Nikaya)

"And what are you doing, besides making way too much noise with that drink?"  (Antoinette)
Kenaz has learned the fine art of blowing bubbles with his drink.

"Girl, when are we going to get out and let our hair down?"  (Racquel)
"I'm sure I can make that happen.  You want a girl's night out, or are we bringing the hubsters?"  (Antoinette)
"Either one.  I just need a night out.  I've been working way too many hours."  (Racquel)

Valencia is getting drinks for her guests.

All of a sudden she can feel a presence behind her.  She quickly turns around.

"Hey, babe."  (Kobe)
"Don't hey babe me.  What are you doing here?"  (Valencia)

"I needed to see you to make sure everything is okay with us."  (Kobe)
"I told you, it's over, and you have to leave.  I have to get back to work."  (Valencia)

"It sure is taking her a long time with those drinks."  (Professor)
"She seems to be a little preoccupied.  What a pity.  The service is usually very good here."  (Kerry)

"Sorry for the delay.  Here are your drinks.  Oh, I forgot your straw.  I'll be right back."  (Valencia, a little flustered)

"No.  That's okay.  We're ready to order."  (Professor)
Poor Valencia.  She's really ticked off the Morgans.  I hope she can recover from this.

My assistants sleeping on the job.  The one on the top is one of the puppies.  His name is Petey, and he is such a little loverboy.  The one on the bottom is his mommy.  He and his mommy are the same size now.

There's another assistant sleeping in the corner.  This is my little princess.  She's a little taller than her mommy now, but she's light as a feather.


  1. Hello from Spain: drinks machine I really like Hello Kitty. Kobe looks like a real man. Your dogs are beautiful. Nice pictures. I like your characters. Keep in touch

    1. Marta - Thanks. Kobe Bryant is a famous basketball player here. They did a really good job capturing his essence.

  2. kobe and the waiterss well hello !!!!!!!!!!!!! this is getting spicy plzz tell me kobe and the waitress will be in a photostory plz tell me bye love you

    1. Ruby - Something tells me we haven't seen the last of Kobe bothering Valencia.

  3. Poor Valencia, looks like she is having a bit of a difficult time - and it's hard when that intrudes on your work. As for Christine and her driving licence, in Australia she would have to do 120 hours of driving practice (with all the details written down in a log) before she could think about it.

    1. Carrickters - I just hope Valencia doesn't get reprimanded. I'm pretty sure Jordan owns this cafe and she's a stickler for keeping the customers happy. Wow, the driver requirements are pretty stringent there! Luckily Christina lives in Virginia, where she can get her license at 16 as long as she has had her permit for 9 mos. We had free driver's ed classes in high school, so I think most kids get their instruction there. My high school even owned a fleet of cars for class. I went to the best public high school!

  4. That Kobe action figure looks dead on like him. Congrats on getting him. He's got a trouble-making, smarmy look to him

    Uh oh ... there goes Valencia's job if she isn't careful. I think it's mean to bother a person at work, especially when she's in working out front where customers Especially when she's got customers there.

    1. D7ana - They did a really good job on Kobe. That smile looks like trouble, and he lives up to that title. He's a little self centered, so that's why he thought it was okay to show up to her job.

    2. D7ana - They did a really good job on Kobe. That smile looks like trouble, and he lives up to that title. He's a little self centered, so that's why he thought it was okay to show up to her job.

    3. Boy, I read clear as gibberish in that comment.

      It is uncanny how well that doll manufacturer made the Kobe smirk. He's going to be an interesting character here. I find him annoying, but Valencia may not always have ;-) I'm just snooping into their story.

      The dogs look adorable. And I LOVE the cafe ... the floral wallpaper, the beverage thingies, the tables and most of all, the characters.

    4. D7ana - Kobe is quite the ladies man around here. Valencia was sucked in and now she's trying to retreat. It's a little hard, but she's trying to stay strong.

  5. I love the Hello Kitty soda dispenser!!!

    I'm sure Valencia can make up for it in another episode :)

    1. Shasha - That Kitty dispenser is Rement. Let's hope Valencia makes amends with those customers.

  6. you have Kobe ! Waw ! I like it. and I realy like your Hello Kitty Coffee shop 1 You just give me idea for a movie !

    1. Shasarignis - Yes, Kobe's head arrived the day I shot this video. His head is not completely on his body here, because I needed a hair dryer that was ALL the way upstairs. I'm looking forward to seeing your new movie.

  7. OK, there is something about Kobe that looks like a letch. Maybe it the angle he is standing behind her or the smile... I don't know. Did you make Zahara's dress! It is very cute.

    1. Ms. Leo - It's that smile and the angle on Kobe that makes him look like a letch. I also need to put his head on the body better. I needed the hair dryer to snap it in place, but it was too far away from me at the time. I think once his head is on better, he'll look a lot better. Zahara's shirt was found at the Dollar Tree a few months back. It was a dress on a Kelly sized, really huge headed doll.

    2. Yes, the very sinister smile! LOL

  8. The coffee shop really is the cutest BUT the nerve of Kobe. Every knows if you live in Morristown you gotta work so he should be dropping in on Valencia! Good to see the doggies are doing good.

    1. Brini - Now where did you see coffee? Lol! Kobe is a wee bit arrogant and self centered. You are so right. Valencia needs to hold on to that job. Especially since she needs to pay for a whole new wardrobe. She will not be able to squeeze into too many Barbie outfits.

  9. LOLL! This is sooooo cute! (^o^)

    It's funny that they are at the Hello Kitty Cafe. The real HK Cafe is in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea. When I was teaching in South Korea in 2010, a good friend of mine from Australia (who also was trying to date me, lol) wanted to take me to HK Cafe because I love Hello Kitty. I hate that I didn't go. :( That was my only chance. So I guess they brought HK cafe to the U.S. and opened it in Morristown. :)

    I love how you utilized Kenaz's open bottle mouth! LOL! So cute how you stuck the straw in it!

    Your puppies are precious. I see that you love both Barbies and doggies. But isn't that a bad combination since doggies love to chew on soft, plastic things? LOL!

    1. KenyaDoll - Yes, you should have gone. A date and Hello Kitty? That sounds like a good time. There's one in Los Angeles, so if you every go out there, you have another chance to check one out. I've had dogs most of my adult life, and they have never chewed on my dolls. These puppies chew on a lot of things, so I wouldn't put it past them, but my dolls are never within their reach.

    2. Well that's good! Protect the dollies! \(^o^)/ LOL!

  10. Vanessa you are just to good with these doll stories. Love the hello kitty restaurant to, your awesome!

    1. Juanita - Thanks for your wonderful comments! Glad you enjoy my dolly life.

  11. Wow the puppies have grown! And wow to Kobe - I don't know if it's the doll or your photography but he looks real!

    1. Kenya - The puppies are bigger than their mom. They are soooo much fun. They're both little lovers. Always wanting to cuddle. They did a fabulous job on that Kobe figure.


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