Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It Was All A Dream

Oh goodness, BB 3.0 #5 has been dreaming about Jay Chou.  Initially, she even had me fooled into thinking this was her husband.  But no! 

This is her husband and two girls.  He is on the police force, so she spends too many sleepless nights alone, which probably prompted the Jay Chou dream.

Jay Chou is actually her sister, Kyori's, boyfriend.  Scandalous!  Actually I don't think so.  Kyori had called her earlier that day to tell her of an argument she and Jay had.   That was probably on BB 3.0 #5's mind as she dosed off.  She and Kyori are relatively close, so I can't imagine she is trying to steal her boyfriend.

Kyori and Jay have a somewhat tumultuous relationship at times.  They both allow their careers to interfere with the relationship.  He being a music star and she being an actress, tend to get in the way of the true love that seems to be there.  There's too much flirting, too much management influence, and too much time away from each other for them to take this relationship anywhere serious.  Let's hope they get it together.  I think they make a really nice couple.  

P.S.  If my internet will cooperate, we will take a look in the church later to check on the wedding guests.


  1. Awwww, BB 3.0 #5's poor husband, he looks so tired, and little does he know his wife is dreaming of another man XD

  2. Goodness gracious....I nearly had a heart attack. I haven't been keeping us and so when I stopped by today and read "It was all a dream", I thought you meant the wedding. What a relief...and a great scandalous story too. : )

  3. Ha! My dolls here are drooling here over Jay and grumbling over the fact Kyori took him! Now I might need to get a Jay, before a riot ensues...

  4. Hello from Spain: thank goodness it was a dream and actually the husband is not unfaithful to his wife. A loving family. In Spain it is now night night .... your guests will see tomorrow ... Keep in touch.

  5. I was a little anxious about the wedding when I saw the title, too. Whew!

    Gee, I hope Kyori and Jay do consider the good parts of their relationship and that they stay together.

    As for BB 3.0 #5, as long as she isn't always dreaming about Jay, an occasional mental straying, isn't too bad. I guess. I'm not married so I can't say ;-D

  6. Lol! I'm glad it was just a dream. Kyori and Jay make a lovely couple. BB #3.0 has a good looking husband also.

  7. Girl you scared me. I had a flash back to Dallas. Not even funny. Anyway... not my call but I'm not feelin' BB with Smokey. I know you have kids that read your blog but a little scandal would be fun. Bring it on - BB & Jay have chemistry.

  8. Heather - We don't have a lot of crime in Morristown, but he does spend many nights trying to catch the few bad guys lurking about.

    Debbie - I figured people would assume that when they saw the title. That would be an awful joke to play. Would have made a great April fool's joke, though.

    Verona - I highly recommend Jay in anyone's collection. His droolability quotient is really high.

    Marta - Jay and Kyori aren't actually married. It will be interesting to see if these dreams go away.

    D7ana - That would be a horrible thing for me to do. If I was going to do that, if would have been before I did all this work. I think as long as you don't call your husband by the dream man's name you are okay. Now we will have to see if these are recurring dreams or not.

    Georgia Girl - I like both these couples. You can sense that tension between Jay and Kyori, but it's that good tension. You can tell they would have a great sex life, if they are doing that sort of thing.

    Kenya - I just needed to stress you guys out more. 'Smokey'. You crack me up. Maybe when you see him in civilian clothes you will warm up to him a little more. Maybe you have a thing against police. Jay would have chemistry with just about anyone I put next to him. He just oozes sexiness. If I stood next to him, you would say we had chemistry because I would be all over him. But I will see what I can do in the scandal department.


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