Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Zoé and Jacob's Doctor Visit (Photostory)

This is Dr. Locicero and Dr. King, who is referred to as Dr. Evelyn. They co-own the practice and have identical rooms.

Danielle has been joined by Taj and her son, Neo. Jacob is intrigued and makes his way over.  Danielle feels a little out of the loop.  She's so used to knowing everyone in town, but this is her first time even seeing Taj.  They strike up a conversation and before long they are exchanging information.

The first patient of the day is coming downstairs in the elevator.  It's Vernon and his daughter, Kimaya.
"Daddy, I hate shots."  (Kimaya)
"I hate shots, too, baby girl.  You were very brave."  (Vernon)

"You are just the cutest.  Is he always so friendly?"  (Taj)
"Definitely, not.  I don't know what's going on with him today."  (Danielle)

"Mrs. Taylor?  You can go on up.  Dr. Evelyn is waiting for you."  (Receptionist)
"Okay, thanks."  (Danielle)

"So nice to meet you.  I'll plan a little something so you can meet some of the other ladies in town."  (Danielle)
"Great.  I'm looking forward to it."  (Taj)

"Is she okay?"  (Receptionist)
"She will be."  (Vernon)
"Poor thing."  (Receptionist)

"Let's go, Jacob.  Say goodbye to the nice lady."  (Danielle)
"Where we goin', Mommy?"  (Jacob)
"We're going to take a ride on the elevator.  Ready?  Follow me."  (Danielle) 

"Bye, Jacob."  (Taj)
"Bye-bye."  (Jacob)

"The doctor said he needs to see her in six months.  Can I go ahead and make that appointment today?"  (Vernon)
"Sure.  What day of the week would you prefer?"  (Receptionist)

The front door bell chimes and in walks Angelica with her daughter, Nina.

As Danielle goes upstairs on the elevator, Jacob is holding on for dear life.

"Who is that peeking around the corner?  Is that my favorite little guy, Jacob?"  (Dr. Evelyn)

"Why don't you come sit on Mr. Bear while I talk to mommy."  (Dr. Evelyn)

"So how are you and the baby doing?"  (Dr. Evelyn)
"The baby is doing great.  I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things.  I get tired a lot quicker these days."  (Danielle)
"That is to be expected considering you and your body recently performed a miracle.  Shall we take a look at the little princess?"  (Dr. Evelyn)
"Can we start with the prince?  He will be a lot easier to handle before the fatigue sets in."  (Danielle)
"Good point.  Let me get you a chair."  (Dr. Evelyn)

Danielle makes herself comfortable while Dr. Evelyn starts to examine Jacob.
"Well come on little fella.  Let's go check out Mr. Giraffe!"  (Dr. Evelyn)

"Let's see if Mr. Giraffe can tell us how tall you are?"  (Dr. Evelyn)

Jacob is eating up all the attention Dr. Evelyn is giving him.  The tone of her voice keeps him excited.
"Okay, Mr. Giraffe has done his job.  Now let me pop you up on the table."  (Dr. Evelyn)

Dr. Evelyn continues with Jacob's checkup.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Angelica is the only left in the waiting room.  Taj and Neo are being taken care of by Dr. Locicero.
"So are you going to be good for mommy and the nice doctor?"  (Angelica)
Upstairs, Dr. Evelyn has moved on to the baby.  
"She is in the lower 90 percentile for her age, which is okay.  You may want to add one more feeding to her daily routine."  (Dr. Evelyn)
"I can do that."  (Danielle)

"Her heart rate and vitals are really good.  Is she getting much sleep at night?"  (Dr. Evelyn)
"She still wakes up at least three times during the night."  (Danielle)
"You must be exhausted."  (Dr. Evelyn)
"Luckily, Rod takes at least one of the night feedings."  (Danielle)
"So are you still breastfeeding?"  (Dr. Evelyn)
"Yes, but I express my milk most of the time, so daddy and grandma can take part in the feedings."  (Danielle)

"Well, your precious little girl is doing well.  I'm happy with her progress."  (Dr. Evelyn)

"Now let's talk a little bit about you.  Any concerns or questions?"  (Dr. Evelyn)
"I feel okay, but it's taking a little longer for things to spring back into shape.  It was much quicker with the boys."  (Danielle)
"I don't think that is because they were boys.  That's probably because you are a little older.  Are you and your husband back to being intimate?"  (Dr. Evelyn)
"We are working our way back there.  He's so patient, but I'm not trying to make either one of us wait too much longer."  (Danielle)

"Well, that's good to hear.  That's often a bump in the road for a lot of new parents.  I will give you a pamphlet that might help."  (Dr. Evelyn)
"Thanks."  (Danielle)

After the doctor's appointment, Danielle stops to get her and Jacob a little lunch.  He's starting to get cranky, so she's anxious to get him home to take a nap.  She considered taking him to daycare so he could get some playtime in with his friends.  Really considered it.  She's still considering it.  Lol!


  1. Vernon is handsome. So sweet to see him taking his daughter to the doctor.

    The office looks good. I'm looking forward to seeing what else there is to know about Taj, since Danielle seems so interested in learning more about her.

    1. Jaye Frye - Kimaya's mom had a major conflict with this doctor's appointment. Vernon had an easier time adjusting his schedule. Back in the day, Danielle was the neighborhood organizer. With all that has happened with moving, Nicole, and the new baby, she is feeling a little out of sorts about her position in the neighborhood. If you recall, she is the one who championed the Daddy/Daughter dance.

  2. I like Dr. Evelyn she seems really sweet and smart in the way she took care of Jacob. He probably needs a little extra attention now. Can you tell me does Danielle go to a family Practice? I was expecting to see Dr. Pai. By the way I don't know if I was doctor Evelyn if I would have mentioned Danielle age right away. Since she is probably every well aware of older. Instead I would have pointed out first that she is a Mom of four now. (Including Nicole,) and this makes a lot more loving work to do. Thanks for this post.

    1. Tammy - Dr. Pai is with another office. As with everything else, the more a town grows, the more professionals are needed to run that town. Dr. Butler, who delivered Zoe, works really closely with both Dr. Locicero and Dr. Evelyn. Dr. Evelyn is not going to sugarcoat the age thing. It is a conversation they have had all through the pregnancy, so talking about it here isn't the first time.

  3. I enjoy seeing all the little ones being looked after at the pediatrician's office. I thought Dr. Locicero was an oncologist. And Dr. Evelyn's advice confused me. Didn't she say the baby was in the 90th percentile? Was that weight or height? Because if it's weight, then she currently weighs more than 90 percent of babies her age. I don't think she needs an additional feeding if that's the case.

    1. Jewell - You know things change around her all the time. I decided no one in Morristown will ever have cancer, so there is no need for an oncologist. Sorry, I have never had children. I was thinking of standardized testing when I chose that 90% and there is always room for improvement in that world, hence the additional feeding. LOL! We will give Dr. Evelyn a pass. I'm sure she was probably confused, too.


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