Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Park Fun Continues (Photostory)

And the story continues.....

Melanie drives off, leaving Nicole at the park with Rod.

"Dad, you're squeezing me!"  (Nicole)
"I'm just happy to see you."  (Rod)
"I'm happy to see you, too."  (Nicole) 

Sharmaine and Kobe stop to say hello to Ian and Valencia.
"Hey cuz.  What's up?"  (Sharmaine)

"Not much.  I didn't know you were coming."  (Ian)
"I wasn't sure I was going to be back in time, but I made it."  (Sharmaine)

"This is my girl, Valencia."  (Ian)
"Hey.  Nice to meet you."  (Valencia)

"Nice to meet you.  This is my friend, Kobe."  (Sharmaine)
"Kobe and I have already met."  (Valencia)

"Oh you guys know each other?"  (Sharmaine)
"Hey Val.  Yes, Val and I are acquainted with each other."  (Kobe)

"Do you see who's sitting over there?"  (Rod)
"Is that Grandma Roberta?"  (Nicole)
"Sure is.  Why don't you run over and say hello?  I'm going over to check on the food."  (Rod)

"We're looking good."  (JT)
"It smells wonderful."  (Danielle)

Valencia is a little ticked at the way Kobe is smirking in her direction.  She's just thankful they never slept together.  This moment would be even more awkward, if that had happened.

Sharmaine doesn't know what to think.  What exactly does "acquainted with each other" means?  Definitely a conversation for later.

"Oh Nicole.  It's so nice to see you!"  (Roberta)

"Come on.  Let me introduce you to my aunt."  (Sharmaine)

Rod sneaks up behind Danielle.
"How's it going over here.  How's the food coming?"  (Rod)
"The food is just about done.  We can eat whenever you guys are ready."  (JT)
"Sorry to just leave you to tend to the food." (Rod)
"No worries.  Makes me feel right at home."  (JT)

"Melanie seemed to have a lot to say.  Anything of interest?"  (Danielle)
"No, she was just trying to give me fashion tips.  I was surprised she let Nicole stay."  (Rod)

"It's been a long time since I've seen you.  I hear that you are quite the busy little lady, these days."  (Roberta)
"Yes, there's girl scout's, dance class, and piano lessons."  (Nicole) 
"Wow.  How do you have time for your schoolwork?"  (Roberta)
"I have time."  (Nicole)

"Are you ready to play now?"  (Julian)
"Julian, can't you see we're talking?  Besides, she probably shouldn't get her girl scout uniform all dirty."  (Roberta)
"Well, can you go with me to get something to drink?"  (Julian)
"Okay."  (Nicole)

"Hand her to me.  We're getting ready to go home."  (Sylvia)
"Can I stay with Nicole?"  (Jessica)
"Stay with Nicole?  No.  We're going home to have a nice dinner."  (Sylvia)

"But you can have a nice dinner without me."  (Jessica)
"Your dad is expecting to see all of us at the dinner table."  (Sylvia)
Then Sylvia gives Jessica a look.  Jessica gets the message and decides to drop it.  

Valencia places her head on Ian's shoulder.  She takes a little peek over at Kobe.  It's a little strange seeing him with another woman.

After hugs and introductions, Sharmaine sits to chat with her aunt Roberta.
"So auntie, I hear you have an admirer.  Do tell!"  (Sharmaine)
"He's not an admirer.  He's my friend.  His name is JT.  I'll introduce you when he gets off the grill."  (Roberta)

"So Kobe, what do you do?"  (Roberta)
"Ma'am, I'm a sportscaster."  (Kobe)
"You and JT will get along great.  He loves his football and his basketball.  I'm more of a tennis person myself."  (Roberta)
"Well I'm friends with Serena and Venus.  Maybe I could introduce you."  (Kobe)
"You know the sisters!  I would love to meet them."  (Roberta)
"We will definitely make that happen."  (Kobe)

"There's nothing but beer and soda in here."  (Nicole)
"I'll take soda."  (Julian)
"You can't have soda.  I think the juice is on the table."  (Nicole)

"Look, there's watermelon."  (Julian)
"I don't think we should mess with that."  (Nicole)

"What are you two up to?  Nicole, did you speak to me today?  Get over here and give me my hug."  (Danielle)

"You look so cute in your girl scout outfit." (Danielle)
"Thanks."  (Nicole)

"Alright peeps.  Time to grub."  (Rod)

"You don't have to tell me twice.  I'm starving."  (Sharmaine)


  1. Nice story.We were waiting for it and it is finally here.Is there going to be another part of this story?If it is I will patiently wait for it.

    1. My doll stuff - Thanks. There may be one more part.

  2. Love this story Vanessa, especially with all the little dramas going on. I wonder if Charmaine will find out what "we're acquainted.." means. LOL :-)

    1. Cindi - Thanks. I'm sure Kobe will be questioned about that.

  3. Loving the park saga! I don't like the way Kobe is smirking in Valencia's direction either. There's something about him I don't like. Thank goodness "acquainted" wasn't code for "hooked up."

    1. Jewell - Thanks. He does have a sinister look about him. Valencia dodged the 'hook up' bullet.

  4. I like this story. You give me some ideas for my next movie !

  5. I wonder why Sylvia is so insistent about Jessica not staying. Maybe she see's drama too? Valencia seems a little worried about Kobe being around. If nothing serious happened between them, I wonder why she is worried about the smirking. I know, I know. I am analyzing the build up. I can't help it. LOL!

    1. Janainah - Jessica is at that age where she wants to be gone all the time. Sylvia is just trying to make sure she knows family time is just as important. I don't think Val is worried about Kobe being there. Have you ever turned a guy away, then a beautiful girl comes along and scoops him up, and you are left wondering if you missed out on something. I don't think she's having second thoughts, but she is pondering it a bit.

  6. I love the set up, and the blue car is TDF.

    1. Roville - Thanks! I wish I had the blue car in real life.

  7. Esta historia continua y me tiene intrigada,como continuará?...habrá que esperar!

    1. PILAR - Sí, creo que la historia continuará, al menos, un episodio más. Manténganse al tanto.

  8. Hello from Spain: I love this garden. Nice furniture. The stories are very real. I like the blue car in the first picture. Keep in touch

    1. Marta - Thanks. My dolls are very happy with the new park.

  9. I guess Kobe just has that smirky look, but he'd annoy me. STOP smirking, dude! LOL

    Glad that Valencia missed the bullet and hope that Sharmaine does too.

    1. D7ana - ROFL! You never know. He and Sharmaine may be a perfect match.

  10. Jolines que cantidad de detalles que pones en las entradas no le falta ningun detalle me encanta tu abuela barbie es preciosa, besosss

    1. carmen - Gracias! Me alegro de que está disfrutando de las historias.

  11. This is a great post Vanessa, I'm amazed because you're able to manage so many characters and all the story lines and it is easy to follow.
    I agree with D7ana, Kobe is a bit too smart for my taste....

    1. billa's dolls - Thanks. I like being able to layer the stories. I see Kobe hasn't gained any fans.

  12. This is getting more exciting with each episode - although I agree with the others, I'm not sure about Kobe. He seems a bit too smart and trying to impress with who he knows but maybe he's just very unsure of himself. We will see in the next episodes I guess.

    1. Carrickters - Kobe is an interesting character. Are you familiar with the real Kobe (Bryant)? He's a basketball player here in the states. He used to be one of the top players when he was a little younger. In my stories, he's still that person, but he's now retired from basketball. He knows a lot of famous people, being a "famous" person himself. He's fairly arrogant and probably a little too sure of himself. We'll learn more about him in the future.

  13. Yes I some how missed this epi, very good. I to want to see more... :-D

  14. D7ana: - Haha! - Why is Kobe smiling at Valencia?Just being friendly maybe?His smiling at her made me think he was going to start something.But then I saw your comment to D7ana and calmed down.


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