Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dinner at the Jackson Home

Remember the Jackson family?  We haven't seen them as a family since the New Year's Eve Party.  Just to refresh your memory there's Sam (dad), Jacquelyn (mom), Chandra, Tanisha, and Robin.  Just in case you are keeping track, there is another Jacquelyn in town.  We haven't seen her in quite some time. 

The Jackson kitchen

"All I have left to do is this salad."  (Mom talking out loud)

Tanisha is the first to arrive.
"Hi mommy.  Do you need any help?"  (Tanisha)
"Hi Nish.  Dinner is pretty much done.  I'm just finishing the salad.  I hear more voices out there."  (Mom)
"Oh, Robin and them are here, too."  (Tanisha)

Robin and Ron enter the kitchen.
"Hi mom."  (Robin)
"Hello Jackie"  (Ron)
"Hey guys.  Where's Courtney?"  (Mom)
"You know where she is.  With her grandpa."  (Robin)

"Tanisha, can you please set the table?  Don't forget to set an extra plate for your auntie."  (Mom)
"Will do."  (Tanisha)

"Well it's about time you come see your Nana."  (Mom)

Jacquelyn gives Courtney a hug and a kiss.

"No, I can't hold you.  I'm still preparing dinner.  As a matter of fact, why is grandpa carrying you around anyway.  You are a big girl, now."  (Mom)
"Tell her, that's what granddads are for.  To spoil me rotten."  (Dad)
Mom returns to her salad, shaking her head.  Dad takes a seat and Tanisha takes her turn to give Courtney a hard time.

"Why are you with my dad, all the time?  He's my dad.  You have your own dad.  I want my dad back."  (Tanisha)
"Leave her alone, Nisha, before she starts crying."  (Dad)

"I wonder who that is?"  (Mom)
"I'll get it."  (Robin)
Shortly thereafter, Chandra enters the kitchen.

"Hi mom."  (Chandra)
"SO?  Did you get it?"  (Mom)
"I GOT IT! (Chandra)
Mom hugs Chandra and lets out a little scream, loud enough that Tanisha comes running into the kitchen.

"What happened!"  (Tanisha)
"Your sister got the part."  (Mom)
"Oh, I know.  She already told me, but she made me promise not to tell you."  (Tanisha)
"Now all of a sudden you are good at keeping secrets."  (Mom)

"What happened Grandpa?"  (Courtney)
"Your aunt Chandra finally got a good paying job that can justify all that dancing she does."  (Dad)

"I heard that Dad."  (Chandra)
"Oh honey, you know I'm proud of you.  So is my wallet."  (Dad)

"Did you finish setting the table?"  (Mom)
"All that screaming made me forget what I was doing."  (Tanisha)
Tanisha returns to setting the table.  Robin returns with the last invited guests.

"Look who's here."  (Robin)
"Oh Jordan, I am so glad you could make it.  I know how hectic your schedule is at times."  (Robin)

"Well it's been so long since I've been able to make a family dinner, I felt it was long overdue."  (Jordan, Sam's sister)
"Well have a seat.  We can catch up a little while I try to finish this salad."  (Robin)
"Hello sis."  (Sam)
Jordan walks over to say hello to brother Sam, then takes a seat.

"First let me congratulate you on the new grocery store.  I love that it is so close."  (Robin)
"Thanks.  It is doing quite well." (Jordan)
"So are you working on any new projects?" (Robin)

"Well I won the bid for the new Art Museum in town, so me and my team have been busy finalizing the plans."  (Jordan)

"Wow, that will be nice to have in town.  We need more cultural places here."  (Robin)

"So Miss Courtney, how was dance class?"  (Chandra)
"Good." (Courtney)

Robin does eventually get that salad made, as they continue to chat.  Tanisha finally finished setting the table and the family gathered in the dining room and had a nice dinner.  The Jacksons try to do a family dinner at least once a month.

Note:  Chandra was sporting her new Monzieur Z Flaunt It body.  It's not a perfect match, but close.  The Flaunt It Dolls are available at Integrity direct for $25.  Jordan is carrying the nice handbag that came with the doll.  Warning: the clothes for the Monzieur Z dolls are not easy to remove. 


  1. Looks like they're in for a fun family gathering! I love the kitchen, especially the cabinets.

    1. Alura - They have a pretty close family, so they always enjoy getting together.

  2. Ahh, they all make such a beautiful family. Hurray for Chandra!

    1. Verona - Jackie said thanks. She and Sam put a lot of time into the girls. I think it's time for someone to have a little boy.

  3. I love the warm woods of the kitchen and how it feels like the Jackson family center.

    Thanks for sharing the news that Chandra's new body is Monsieur Z Flaunt It's body. I have that doll and I have been thinking about using the body for a darker complected Janay doll. Mattel's darker complected dolls seem to have warmer coloring while Integrity's have more grayed tones. IMHO ;-D.

    I love your kid scenes. They are so natural ;-)

    1. D7ana - You are right about the grayness of the IT bodies. Flaunt it has that gray cast, but it works out okay.

      I was happy to see Jordan have some family connections. I should have known she and Same were related. They are both so intense.

  4. Also, nice to see Jordan with her family and outside her business setting.

  5. The kitchen looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing the news of Monsieur Z Flaunt It's body. I have a Chandra that needs a new body:)
    The Jackson family looks beautiful:)

    1. Chynadoll - Thanks, and you're welcome. I'm glad to finally highlight some of the elite families.

  6. Replies
    1. Sergio - Me too! I've always liked seeing families interact with each other.

  7. Your work is wonderful. This is my first visit to your blog and it is already my favorite. There is a Doll Show scheduled to take place in Detroit Michigan on Saturday, October 6th it would be great if you could participate. Wishing you continued Success!

    1. Sandra - Thanks for stopping by my blog. If I lived closer, I would definitely participate in the Detroit show. Thanks for the invite. I really like your party blog. Very unique.

  8. Love the slice of life vignettes!

    1. limbe dolls - Thanks. Those are the ones I like doing the best.

  9. Replies
    1. Tracy - I'm glad to finally get to their story. I like the closeness of this family. You can tell that mom and Robin are really close. Tanisha is closer to her dad. That Go Red doll makes the perfect mother.

  10. Great dio, as always!! Your kitchen is full of details and life. Chandra's new body fits her quite well, I think, or at last it seems so in pics. And I LOVE Jordan, she's gorgeous!

    1. Rossetti - Thanks! Chandra's body is a really nice one. Jordan decided she needed more camera time. I don't blame her.

  11. Hello from Spain: I love Jackson's kitchen. The knife cut the salad is very real. Courtney is very cute. The whole family is perfect in this wonderful kitchen. I love the kitchen table black color center. I'm sure you created it. A great job. Keep in touch

    1. Marta - Thanks. The Jackson family is happy to get more camera time. Mrs Jackson owns the bridal boutique where Danielle bought her wedding dress. The kitchen is their favorite family gathering place.


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