Monday, January 23, 2017

Busy Day Ahead (Photostory)

The holidays are over and the kids are heading back to school.  Danielle promised them waffles, so she is in the kitchen getting everything ready.  She has left Rod in charge of getting the kids up and down to breakfast.

The first room Rod heads to is Nicole.  I know some of you are surprised she is still here.  Melanie's mom took ill and Melanie had to leave town to go check on her.

"Nico-ole.  Time to get up.  (pause)  Okay, I'm going to turn on the big light."  (Rod)

"Daddy!  It's too bright.  I can't see."  (Nicole)
"I warned you. You'll adjust.  It's time to get up.  Breakfast is in 15 minutes."  (Rod)
The baby starts making baby noises.
"You have Zo√© with you?"  (Nicole)
"Yes.  Sit up and say good morning to her."  (Rod)

"Good morning baby sister.  Daddy, can I hold her?"  (Nicole)
"Sure."  (Rod)

"She's so small."  (Nicole)
"You used to be that small."  (Rod)
"No way!"  (Nicole)
"Do you realize you are the big sister to three kids now?  How do you feel about that?"  (Rod)
"I like being the big sister." (Nicole)
"I think you make an awesome big sister.  Now hand me the baby and head downstairs to the kitchen, while I go round up the boys."  (Rod)

With everyone finally downstairs and seated, Danielle serves breakfast.

"Nicole, if you want more, there is another waffle over here."  (Danielle)
"This is good."  (Nicole)

"Here I'll take her so you can eat in peace."  (Danielle)
"You aren't going to eat breakfast with us?"  (Rod)
"I would love to, but if I don't start getting ready now, I will never make it to the doctor's office on time."  (Danielle)
"Are you sure you are going to be okay taking the baby and Jacob?"  (Rod)
"I will be fine.  Jacob has to get his last s-h-o-t-s."  (Danielle)
"If I didn't have that conference today, I would go with you."  (Rod)
"I will be fine, honey.  I can handle the little people."  (Danielle)

"Julian, you can have more waffles if you finish that one."  (Danielle)

"Yay!  I think I'm still going to be hungry.  I'm a growing boy."  (Julian)
"Ha ha.  Yes, you are a growing boy."  (Danielle)

"Okay, I'm off.  Enjoy your breakfast.  And don't dilly dally.  We want to start the new year off right getting everyone to school on time."  (Danielle)


  1. So Rod and Danielle are trustworthy when Melanie needs to do something? Well, I'm happy for Nicole that she gets to stay longer and for Rod, Danielle and the boys to enjoy her longer.

    1. Jaye - You know how fickle people can be. I'm sure if she felt she had other options she probably would have done something different. She didn't want Nicole to miss too much school. This probably won't bode well for her case. Interesting how things work out.

  2. I like when Rod has his moments with Nicole.I also LOVE when they are all together as a family.I always look at Rod and Danielle and remeber the Wedding Video.I really love those videos.They always inspire me to make stories!

    1. Jaiden - Thanks. Funny you should mention the wedding. I was just thinking about those videos yesterday.

  3. So, what's Rod job that he's going to a conference for? All these years and I thought he was retired military.

    1. Muff - There is a blog post that explains that after retirement, he took on a base position as a trainer. That's why his schedule is somewhat flexible.

  4. I'm so glad Nicole gets to spend time with the rest of her family! Let's hope Melanie will be on board and much nicer this year,

    1. A-Lise - They are all happy to have Nicole spending more time with the family. We all hope this will happen more often this year.

  5. Replies
    1. DBG - You know how those growing boys can be.

  6. I just love this little family!!!

    1. april - Thanks, but there is nothing little about this family anymore. Lol.

  7. Waffles for breakfast? Danielle is a super mom. I like how Nicole jumped up to hold Baby Zoe. They are fun to see.

    1. D7ana - Yes, she is a super mom. Homemade waffles are fairly easy to make, though. I remember when I was about a year or two older than Nicole, I used to love taking care of babies.


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