Thursday, November 10, 2016

Teacher-Parent Conference (Photostory)

The day has arrived for Nicole's teacher/parent/counselor conference.  Rod arrived a little early, with the hopes of getting to see Nicole.

He's sitting just outside the guidance counselor's office reading Newsweek and waiting for Adele, the teacher to come back.

A few minutes later she appears with Nicole by her side.

"Dad!"  (Nicole)
"Nicole."  (Rod)

Nicole runs over as Rod puts the magazine back on the table.

"Hey, baby girl."  (Rod)
"Hi, Daddy.  I've missed you."  (Nicole)
"I've missed you, more."  (Rod)

Adele takes note of the warm embrace.  She also notes that it seems like it's been awhile since the two have seen each other.  Her interest is piqued.  She decides to leave for a bit to give them more time together.

"So how are you doing?"  (Rod)
"I'm okay.  I heard Danielle had the baby.  So do I have a little brother or a little sister?"  (Nicole
"You have a little sister.  Her name is Zoé."  (Rod)
"Wow, what's she like?"  (Nicole) 

Looks like Melanie went to the classroom and not the guidance counselor's office.
"Shit.  I'm in the wrong place."  (Melanie)
She checks her calendar to verify where the meeting is taking place.

Dasia is in her office stretching a bit before the meeting.

Rod is filling Nicole in on Julian and Jacob.  She is full of questions.

"Mr. Taylor, you can come inside when you are ready.  Nicole, if you want, you can go hang out at the library."  (Adele)
"Thanks."  (Rod)

"Daddy, can I just stay here and wait?"  (Nicole)
"Sure, honey."  (Rod)
Rod then heads inside.

"Dasia, this is Mr. Taylor, Nicole's dad.  Mr.Taylor this is our new, highly qualified guidance counselor."  (Adele)
"Hello.  please call me Rod."  (Rod)
"Hello.  Nice to meet you.  Please have a seat."  (Dasia)

"Can I get you anything to drink?"  (Dasia)
"No thank you."  (Rod)
"Hopefully Nicole's mom will be arriving soon."  (Dasia)

"Speak of the devil."  (Adele)
"Sorry I'm late.  I went to the classroom then realized I was in the wrong place."  (Melanie)
"No problem.  I'm Dasia, the new guidance counselor.  Please take a seat."  (Dasia)

"Can I offer you something to drink?"  (Adele)
"No thanks."  (Melanie)
Melanie takes the seat next to Rod.  It's been a couple of months since they've seen each other, but she heard through the grapevine that Danielle had the baby.

"Well if it isn't the new daddy."  (Melanie)
"Melanie."  (Rod)

"I'm going to grab a chair."  (Adele)
"Okay."  (Dasia)

"So let's get started.  First a little about myself.  I'm a licensed child therapist. My focus was on children with depression, ADD, and the abused."  (Dasia)

"I decided to bring that experience to the school system where I feel I can help children who wouldn't ordinarily get the services I offer.  So we are here today because we are concerned about your daughter.  I will let Adele explain what she is experiencing in the classroom."  (Dasia)

"Nicole's behavior has gradually been changing the last few months."  (Adele)
"Is she being disruptive?"  (Melanie)

"No, nothing like that.  She is withdrawn, aloof, and she's not interacting with her classmates like she used to.   I got really concerned because she was so lively and interactive not that long ago. Her level of work is steadily dropping, too. "  (Adele)

"That is when she brought it to my attention.  Nicole is exhibiting the same behavior I've seen with abused kids or kids on drugs."  (Dasia)
"So you think Nicole is being abused or that she is on drugs?"  (Rod)

"Not necessarily but there's definitely something wrong and we need to get to the bottom of it.  I thought by bringing you two in, we could resolve it quicker."  (Dasia)
"To be honest with you I haven't been allowed to see Nicole the past couple of months, so I'm not sure what is going on with her."  (Rod)
Melanie chimes in before he says anything else.

"Yes, but that was me protecting her from your crazy wife."  (Melanie)

"No, that was you being heartless as usual."  (Rod)

"Okay, we are getting off track.  Our focus today is Nicole.  So Melanie, since you have been with her the past couple of months, can you shed any light on what may be going on with her?  Is she spending time with adults or older kids that may be taking advantage of her?"  (Dasia)

"No, she is with me most of the time.  There is a chance she is depressed because her dad just had a new baby."  (Melanie)

"Really?   That could definitely be a factor.  Rod, do you think Nicole could be feeling resentment about the new baby?"  (Dasia)
"I really don't so.  Nicole was excited about having a new brother or sister.  As a matter of fact, she just asked me all about the baby and she was happy to hear about her new little sister."  (Rod)

"I can attest to the fact that Nicole was very excited to see her dad.  Definitely no animosity there."  (Adele)
"She may just be feeling left out because she hasn't seen her step-brothers or met her new sister."  (Rod) 

"Melanie, is there any way you can allow Nicole to spend some time with her dad, so we can see if that will help her get back on track?"  

"Not before I check with my lawyer."  (Melanie)

"I don't know all the history of what's going on, but it has been my experience that lawyers rarely help family situations.  Nicole is depending on the two of you to make decisions that are in her best interest."  (Dasia)

"You are right.  You don't know the history.  I have to protect her."  (Melanie)
"So are you protecting her from her dad or just his wife?"  (Dasia)
"Just his wife."  (Melanie)
"You are so ridiculous.  You know that Danielle is one of the sweetest people and that she would never do anything to hurt Nicole.  She loves Nicole."  (Rod)

"Clearly you two have some unresolved issues that are negatively affecting your daughter.   It always pains me to see a child's well being put in jeopardy because the parents can't get along."  (Dasia)

"If you two really love and care about your daughter, the way I think you do, you need to put her needs about the pettiness.  Melanie, I'm counting on you to proactively do what you need to do to reunite Nicole with her dad.  If that means calling your lawyer, fine, but we need you to make that happen.  If after that she is still withdrawn and aloof, we will take the next step."  (Dasia)

Dasia sets up a timeframe for Melanie and Rod, then sends them on their way.

Just outside the office, Melanie turns to Rod.  She is pretty pissed off.
"I guess you enjoyed that."  (Melanie)
"Come off of it, Mel.  I get no delight in seeing you miserable.  We, of course, can't say the same thing about you."  (Rod)

"Alright, Nicole.  Time to go."  (Melanie)
"Can I go with Dad?"  (Nicole)
"Not today.  (pause)  Maybe you can see him this weekend."  (Melanie, remembering what Dasia said)
"Come give me my hug."  (Rod)

"Bye Daddy."  (Nicole, sadly)
"Bye, honey.  Remember that I love you."  (Rod)

Melanie busies herself with her phone so she doesn't have to witness Rod and Nicole together. 

Her patience runs thin.
"Alright, alright.  It's time to go."  (Melanie)
"I'll see you soon."  (Rod)
"Tell Julian, Jacob, and Zoé I said hello."  (Nicole)
"Will do.   Love you."  (Rod)

And with that Nicole follows her mother out.  Rod takes a minute to gather himself before leaving.


  1. I knew it! That daggone, selfish Melanie is so bitter, she is making her daughter miserable. Go Dasia! Tell Melanie to cut her crap and help her daughter be happy. The very fact that Melanie hates Rod so much that she would turn away from seeing Nicole happy with him just speaks to her dark soul.

    1. Jaye - Unfortunately we see a lot of this in real life, too. It's always the kids that get hurt the most.

  2. Just as I suspected! The meeting was about Nicole not being able to see her Dad because of Melanie! Hope Dasia can talk some sense into her. She (Melanie) is such a jealous, bitter woman that she doesn't even realize how much she is hurting her daughter. If she is not careful, when Nicole is old enough to make her own choice, she is likely to move in with her father and I think she would be better off living with him too! If Melanie doesn't get with the program and Rod challenged her for custody, I think a judge would independently talk to Nicole and find out that Melanie is not acting in the best interest of her daughter and either force her to let Nicole spend time with Rod or even maybe give him primary custody. It will surely be interesting to see how this all plays out.

    1. Phyllis - I've been running into these type women throughout my life. It's always sad when parents let their jealousy and bitterness affect their kids lives.

  3. Great story! Some situations need outside pressure to get resolved! I think Dasia and Adele did a great job in making the point without getting sidetracked. The focus is Nicole! Everyone needs to know that!

    1. Ms. Leo - Thanks. Let's hope this added pressure will help Melanie do what is best for Nicole.

  4. Dasia is rocking this counseling thing. Poor Nicole, I hope she gets to visit her dad and see the rest of the family soon.

    1. Presto - Dasia is a natural at her new job. She's doing much better than I imagined.

  5. Just popping in to see Dasia's latest outfit! And is that a repainted Gloria office?

    1. Anderson's All-Purpose - Yes, her new outfit is her first wrap dress, which she loves. Yes, that is a repainted Gloria office.

  6. Awesome story!! Dasia definitely proved herself to be a highly qualified guidance counselor. She gave the perfect answer to what their issues are. Melanie is so evil and bitter...ugh! Please find her mean behind a man! Lol! The poses, the way Dasia and Adele were looking at them and everything was so on point. I hope that Nicole gets to see her father and extended family soon. Loved it!

    1. Georgia Girl - Thanks! She has had two different men since her divorce. She ran them both off. I'll keep looking. Although I'm not sure that will matter. The real Melanie got married to a new man, but didn't change her horrible treatment to her ex. A new man is probably not the answer.

  7. I doubt Melanie will ever change so maybe Rod needs to be more reactive in helping Nicole.

    1. Muff - Did you mean proactive? Rod is walking a tight rope. As in real life, the court system her in town tends to favor the mom. The fact that Melanie is a lawyer with connections in the judicial system, makes it even tougher. He's listening to his lawyer at this point.

  8. Seems to me that Melanie is just using Nicole to get back at Rod. She needs to grow up and get over herself or Nicole will suffer. Too bad Rod can't get full custody of her...:-)

    1. Cindi - Sometimes it's hard for a dog to let go of a bone, once he has it in his grip. Same with Melanie. In this case, I think she is really trying to get back at Danielle for what happened in the grocery store.

  9. Melanie needs a wake up call fast before she completely ruins Nicole!

    1. AG Lanc - Sometimes parents are so blinded with their own mess, they can't see how their children are being affected.

  10. Melanie is a piece of work. It is unfortunate that poor, sweet Nicole had to be cursed with such a vindictive mother.


    1. DBG - All we can do is hope some of Nicole's sweet ways rub off on Melanie and not the other way around. Melanie would probably prefer to have a child more like herself.

  11. Great story, Vanessa! This one hits close to home. Mr. Jewell has a 17-year-old daughter whose mother has gone out of her way to keep them apart for over ten years. And she doubled her efforts when we had our first child together...smh. Like everyone else, I hope Rod and Nicole are reunited. However, I know it's going to take Rod putting up a fight. Melanie is creating her own reality to justify her actions. She's lying to herself and looking away to avoid the truth so she can believe what she's doing is alright.

    1. Jewell - Wow. Thanks for sharing your story. My male neighbor has a 7-yr old son. His mother decided recently to make it difficult for his father to see his son. The son has figured out if he gets in trouble at school he gets to see both his parents together. He has already been suspended 3 or 4 times this school year. When he gets suspended, sometimes he gets to spend the whole day with dad. It's really sad because the teachers say he is academically gifted.

      You are right about Melanie creating her own reality to justify her actions.

    2. I've missed some stories so I have to go back and see what happened to make or to give Melanie a "reason" to keep Nicole away from her dad and Danielle. I hope that Melanie realizes the importance of Nicole having daddy-time before the girl does something desperate. Applause for Dasia and Adele for being advocates for Nicole. Poor kid needs them.

    3. D7ana - The issue between Melanie and Danielle happened in the grocery store. It wasn't as big of a deal as Melanie has made it, but it gave her ammunition. Melanie is one of those mother's who has put her daughter's happiness second to her ex-husband's unhappiness. Kid's feelings are often overlooked or discarded in families.


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