Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bathtime Works Wonders (Photostory)

Before I headed off to bed last night, I checked on the Taylor family.  

The boys are having a bath.

Rod is keeping a watchful eye on them from the bedroom.

Danielle is in the nursery giving Zoé her bath.

A bath seems to soothe her.

Danielle can hear the boys are getting a little restless.
"Honey, I think it's time for them to get out."  (Danielle)
"Alright."  (Rod)

"Okay guys.  Time to get out."  (Rod)

"But, I need a towel."  (Julian)
"Hold on.  The towels are right here."  (Rod)

"Did you hear your brothers making all that noise?  Don't they know it's too late for all that ruckus?  Yes, we need it quiet for our little sweet pea."  (Danielle)

"Gentlemen, I need you to do one last thing for me."  (Rod)

"What?"  (Julian)
"I need you to put all the dirty clothes in the hamper behind the door."  (Rod)

Back in the nursery, baby Zoé is dressed for bed.

Danielle takes a moment to dote on her little angel.  She feels so blessed to have her.

As Danielle enters the bedroom, she hears Rod talking to the boys.

"You want me to pick up all the clothes?  Even Jacob's?"  (Julian)
"Yes, I do."   (Rod)

"Well hello gents.  My you both smell so clean.  You guys ready to go to bed?"  (Danielle)

"Bed? I thought you said we could play a little?"  (Julian)

"You and Jacob have had more than enough play time today.  It's time to get some rest.  Let's get Daddy to watch Zoé and I'll go up with you."  (Danielle)

Rod appears in the doorway of the bathroom.
"Are you sure you don't want me to take them up?"  (Rod)

"No.  I'm sure they could use a little mommy time."  (Danielle)
"Well then, I guess it's just me and Zoé.  Here.  I'll take her."  (Rod)

"Hopefully she will stay sleep until I get back."  (Danielle)

"Don't worry.  We'll come get you if we need you."  (Rod)
"Let's go boys."  (Danielle)

Danielle and the boys make it upstairs to their bedroom. 
"Alright, let's try to find some pajamas."  (Danielle) 

"That reminds me.  I need to do some laundry tomorrow."  (Danielle)

Rod is making the most of his time with Zoé.

It didn't take Jacob long to fall off to sleep.  That warm bath did the trick.  Danielle didn't even get a chance to read to him.  She ended up telling Julian a quick story because he could barely keep his eyes open.

"Good night, sweetheart.  Sleep tight.  I'll see you in the morning."  (Danielle)
"Night, Mommy.  Love you."  (Julian)
"Love you, too."  (Danielle)

"Awww, how sweet.  I can't believe she's still sleeping."  (Danielle) 

"That was quick."  (Rod)
"The boys were so tired, I didn't have to do much to get them to sleep.  I know exactly how they feel."  (Danielle)
"Come lay down."  (Rod)  

"You don't have to ask me twice.  I just need a few minutes before she wakes up hungry again."  (Danielle)

"I'm going to put her in her crib for now."  (Rod)
"Okay."  (Danielle)

Rod returns and climbs into bed.
"Honey, don't forget the light."  (Danielle)

"That's better.  I don't ever remember my bed feeling this good."  (Danielle)
"You're just tired.  Rest."  (Rod)

"I know we haven't had much time to talk lately, but what's going on with Nicole?"  (Danielle)
"Funny you should mention that.  I got a call from the school today.   Her teacher is concerned and wants a parent conference tomorrow afternoon."  (Rod)
"Oh no.  Is there anything I can do to help?"  (Danielle)

"Afraid not.  And I don't want you worrying about it right now.  I just want to hold you for a few minutes before the crying starts."  (Rod)

"That's better."  (Rod)

Rod kisses her gently on the forehead.
"Now close your eyes and rest."  (Rod)


  1. Awww I love seeing Rod with his daughter. I can't wait for everyone to meet little Zoe

    1. Rebekah - He just loves that little girl to pieces.

  2. Poor Julian, I know he was hoping Jacob could pick up his own clothes. Oh, the joys of being the older child.

    Zoe is going to be so spoiled, but Danielle is doing a good job making sure the boys don't feel neglected and getting their time with her.

    1. Jaye - Yes being the older child has it's pluses and minuses. It's so easy to get all consumed with a new baby. Danielle is really making an effort not to let that happen.

  3. I remember those sweet bath times with my girls when they were little. They had so much fun bathing together. They had lots of bath toys to play with too! Danielle is doing a great job trying to balance out some time for the boys, taking care of Zoe and Rod! Rod seems like a very good Daddy too! It was good to see this family again. Why do I think that the parental conference about Nichol has something to do with Melanie???

    1. Phyllis - So happy this story could bring back such fond memories. I'm planning to show a little bit of the parent - counselor conference. Can't wait to see what that is all about.

  4. Zoe is really adorable.So glad the boys are doing fine.Danielle look so nice her skin is even glowing lol.Hopw Nicole is ok.I really hope she is not in trouble.

    1. Jaiden - Lol. Yes, Danielle has that after birth glow. We should find out more about Nicole soon.

  5. Sweet story. Bath time will usually do the trick. By the time the little ones are in the bed, they are ready to pass out after a soothing, warm bath.

    I wonder what's going on with Nicole...


    1. DBG - I'm getting more relaxed just thinking about a nice warm bath with soothing salts, candles, and music. Works for more than just the kids.

  6. Bathtime is always hated and yet loved. I remember hating to get in it because it meant my day was coming to an end and I hated to get out of it because it was fun to splash around.

    1. Muff - If we knew then what we know now, we would have enjoyed those times a little more.

  7. Awesome photostory!! I love this family! I was wondering where Nicole was and whether or not she had met her sister.

    1. Georgia Girl - Thanks. I'm enjoying showing more of this family. Lots more on the horizon.

  8. I adore their rooms! The little car beds are adorable! So awesome to see their home and their life.

    1. Erin - Thanks so much! I appreciate you stopping by. Amazing how busy their little lives are.

  9. Yes, I agree with Erin..the rooms are great and super cozy. Loved the story and I am just now getting to know the family. The first time I read this blog was when Zoe was born. :) Keep up the great storytelling!

    1. Farrah - Thanks. Always nice to have new followers. If you really want to get to know this family better, check out some of the earlier youtube videos. Rod and Danielle met at the beach house during a multi family vacation. Their wedding is also on Youtube. If I get a chance, I may repost some of those links for the newcomers.

  10. Awww love this family post and Julian with his little "nekkid" self. LOL!

    1. Kenya - Thanks. It's been nice to focus on this family for a bit.

  11. Fun to see Rod and Danielle and the kiddies.

    1. D7ana - They Taylor family said hi. They were excited you stopped by.


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