Tuesday, July 28, 2015

So Ready for Vacation (Photostory)

I decided to do a quick Racquel story.  I hadn't seen her husband Terrance in awhile.  Turns out he's been traveling quite a bit lately.  He came back in town late Friday night and he's on vacation all this week.  He and Racquel are headed to the beach tomorrow afternoon, for some much needed family time.

Racquel is just about finished closing out the register for the day.  Terrence and baby Shay are waiting patiently for mommy to finish.
"I'm almost done.  I didn't realize how many sales we made today.  I just need to make sure everything is right for Lynn tomorrow."  (Racquel)

"I have to give it to you honey.  I wasn't sure you were going to be able to pull this retail thing off.  I must say I'm pleasantly surprised."  (Terrance as he looks around the store)

Racquel stops what she's doing.
"It's so nice to know you believed in me, honey."  (Racquel, sarcastically)

"As a husband, I was behind you 100%.  As a businessman I was a little skeptical."  (Terrance)

"Whatever.  I'll remember that."  (Racquel)
In the background Shay is starting to make a fuss.  It'snot long before the fussing turns into shrill crying.
"What's wrong with her?"  (Racquel)

"Heyyy fussbucket.  what's all that noise for?"  (Terrance)

"She's probably hungry.  Did you bring her bottle?"  (Racquel)
"I left her bag in the car.  I didn't think we were going to be in here this long."  (Terrance)
"I'll take her."  (Racquel)

"Gladly."  (Terrance)
"Come on lil' momma."  (Racquel)

"Little traitor."  (Terrance)
"Say, hush Daddy."  (Racquel)

"So what are we doing for dinner?  (Racquel)
"Did you want to stop and grab a bite at Carmelita's?  I have a taste for lasagna."  (Terrance)
"I'm not sure Shay is in the mood for a restaurant."  (Racquel)

"So what do you say Miss Fussbucket, you feel like Italian tonight?"  (Terrance)
"Honey, stop calling her that!  You know how those crazy nicknames sometimes stick with a kid for life."  (Racquel)
Shay is still a bit fussy.

"Let's just go.  I just need to get her fed first, then we can decide on dinner plans."  (Racquel)
"Did I tell you how excited I am to get you away for a few days?"  (Terrance, distracted all of a sudden.  Maybe it's Racquel's perfume.)
"Stay focused, honey.  We're dealing with Shay's needs right now."  (Racquel)

Terrance leans in a little closer.
"So you mean all I have to do is whine, and cry later, and we will deal with my needs?"  (Terrance, gently kissing her on the lips.)
Racquel kisses her husband as Shay stares on.  As usual, momma's work is never done.  

The family heads out.  Luckily, Racquel can sleep in tomorrow.  They are not leaving for the beach until early afternoon.


  1. Yay! A new story!I like it when the hubbies are around.

    1. Val - I missed seeing her husband, so I had to do a quick story with him.

  2. WONDERFUL....... X3!!! It was nice to see them again, I so need those hand bags, lol.....

    1. Ladonna - Thanks. I'm slowing getting back into story mode. I really miss my doll families. Racquel said the handbags are for sale. Just shrink yourself down and go to Ni'Chalet's.

  3. Such a cute story. I hope they enjoy the beach.

    1. Janainah - Thanks. Hopefully Terrance will allow his wife some time to rest. I think they both need some rest. He's been working really hard, too.

  4. Hello from Spain: I like very much this family. Lovely baby. Fabulous strore. Racquel is very trendy. I like her look. Nice red bag. Keep in touch

    1. Marta - Thanks. It will be nice for them to have some much needed family time away.

  5. I think she wants the husband and the businessman behind her 100%, LOL. She will not forget that slight.

    1. Muff - Sometimes men don't realize what they are saying, and how it will affect them when they least expect it.

  6. This story made me smile. We see Terrance acting like a full-scale man and Racquel in much need of a break. I hope they enjoy the beach.

    1. Jewell - I'm sure you can relate to this story. Lol!

  7. It's good to see that Raquel is doing well in her business - no matter what Terrance thought. I hope they enjoy their holiday.

    1. Carrickters - Luckily Racquel knows how to ignore her oh so supportive husband.

  8. Replies
    1. Kenya - By the way, did you hear the real Terrance Howard just got his third divorce? This Terrance, although a bone head at times, seems to be a much better husband.


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