Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Vanessa Gets A Visitor (Photostory)

It's Saturday and Vanessa has calmed down enough to get on with her weekend.  She is starting the day, where else, on her computer.  Checking her emails, and doing a little research for work. 

Alicia is busy playing with her carriage and invisible baby.  

"Goodness.  Every time I answer one email, another one pops up.  I really need to get off this computer."  (Vanessa to herself)

"Mommy, baby wants to go outside."  (Alicia)

"The baby will have to wait until later.  We have to get ready for your godbrother.  He's coming by to see us."  (Vanessa)

Vanessa turns back to the computer and decides to walk away from it.  She has too much to do, and her godson will be here any minute.

She does a quick once over with the vacuum cleaner.  She'll do a more thorough cleaning next weekend.

Alicia starts mimicking the vacuum cleaner with her baby carriage. 
"Are you helping, Mommy?"  (Vanessa)
"Mommy, me cleaning da floor."  (Alicia)
"I see you.  You're doing a good job.  Remember how fun this is when you get a little older."  (Vanessa)

Vacuuming done, and now it's time to get dressed.

"Alright little momma.  It's time to get dressed."  (Vanessa)

Thirty minutes later, they emerge from the bedroom.
"Do you want to play with your carriage or watch tv?"  (Vanessa)
"TVeeee!" (Alicia)

"Okay sit here while I find the remote."  (Vanessa)
"Ut oh."  (Alicia)
"It's just the door.  Stay right here."  (Vanessa)

Vanessa answers the door and invites Quentin, her godson, into the living room.
"Hello handsome.  It's so good to see you.  Seems like it's been forever."  (Vanessa)
"I know.  I'm sorry.  School and football have been keeping me very busy."  (Quentin)
"I'm just glad you found some time for me.  Give me another hug."  (Vanessa)

"Q.  Q.  Q." (Alicia)

"Hello beautiful.  You still remember me."  (Quentin)

"Of course she remembers you.  Come and sit down and fill me in."  (Vanessa)

"So tell me everything.  How's school?  How's football?  Are you dating anyone serious?...."  (Vanessa)

"Hold up.  One question at a time."  (Quentin)
Quentin and Vanessa spend time talking about his classes and the football season.

"Okay, now that covers school and football.  What's going on with the ladies?  Is there anyone special."  (Vanessa)

"It's a little complicated.  Yes, I do have someone special...."  (Quentin)
"What do you mean, it complicated?  She's not pregnant, is she?"  (Vanessa)
"OH NO! Nothing like that.  But there's this other girl that I think likes me, too."  (Quentin)
"Oh goodness.  Well you are young, and you shouldn't feel obligated to be tied down at such a young age.  On the other hand, please don't play around with these ladies hearts.  Be honest with them and let the chips fall where they may."  (Vanessa)

Vanessa and Quentin continue visiting.  She convinces him to come back later to have dinner with the family.

Today is my godson's birthday!  Happy birthday, Quentin.  Of course that didn't dawn on me until I looked at Facebook this morning.  Thank goodness for FB when it comes to birthdays.  I am the worst!  How ironic that I shot this story a couple days ago without even realizing I would be posting it on his birthday.  The stars aligned again.  This is an interview Quentin did a couple months ago.  The picture below that is the one I showed you guys 2.5 yrs ago.  Can you believe how quickly time is flying!!!  This kid will be graduating soon.  Unbelievable!


  1. I love how 1:6 Vanessa's comments have a little bite. "Remember how fun this is when you get a little older." Somehow, I don't think it will be remembered as fun then, lol.

    Nice seeing Quentin in both sizes. Wish them both the best of luck. (BTW, I have a nephew, Quintin. Quelle coincidence!)

    1. D7ana - I don't think Alicia will remember how fun vacuuming is either. Vanessa should probably grab the camcorder and get it on tape. Luckily for Alicia, she probably won't every grow up. lol.

      Quelle coincindence, indeed!

  2. Hello from Spain: I like to see Vanessa in her desk. I love the toy car. Very cute. I like your vacuum cleaner. In my country is not for sale. I have the same shirt of paris that Alice wears. Quentin is very masculine. Happy Birthday to your godson. Great chance! Keep in touch

    1. Marta - Thanks. Vanessa is always working on her computer. Poor thing. Sorry you missed out on the vacuum cleaner. The latest cleaning sets have been really nice.

  3. 1:6 Quentin is a great choice for the 1:1 one. Nice airy living room. The curtains even look like fresh air is blowing in! :-)

    1. Grandmommy - Thanks. They have the same nice arms. lol.

  4. Both Quentins look pretty good. Where was that picture of the two of you taken? :-)

    1. Cindi - Thanks. That picture was taken at his high school graduation party. His uncle is a professional photographer and he brought his backdrops.

  5. Happy Birthday to Quentin!
    I think she won't remember cleaning as being that fun LOL at least I don't XD

    1. V. - Cleaning is not something I enjoy, but I'm trying to learn to love it more.

  6. Your Quentin is a very nice looking young man and sounds very articulate! Hmmm . . . maybe 1:6 Vanessa should send 1:6 Quentin to have a little talk with those bullies!

    1. Phyllis - Thanks. My Quentin is such a true gentleman, too. I just love that young man! If he went to talk to the bullies, I know he would handle it so diplomatically. He's such a special person.

  7. Maybe little Alicia will remember how fun it was because I love to clean and vacuum. Well, I like to clean my own place. I'd probably not like to cleanup after anyone else, lol.

    Real Quentin is gorgeous! He probably has the same lady problems that doll Quentin has.

    1. Muff - Well her mother hates to clean. LOL.

      If I could create the perfect husband for myself, he would have all the same qualities that my godson has. He is a true gentleman. I spoke to him on his birthday, and he confirmed that he has the same girlfriend from high school. I know those college ladies are pretty pissed about that. If his girlfriend knows what I know, she better hang on to him. She will be hard pressed to find another one that has all the qualities he has. I'm 45 and I have yet to find a man like him.

  8. I bet the IRL Vanessa's asks those questions IRL as well as the advice. Love that this the Quentin doll is for an IRL Quentin - sweet and timely with the bday.

    1. Kenya - The IRL Vanessa does ask those questions. But this is one kid that is just on the money. When I grow up I want to be just like him.

  9. I love this kind of visiting, I want to know what they were talking about, I like gossiping!! jjjjj ;)

    1. Ana - You are too funny. Quentin probably doesn't have a lot to gossip about. Most boys don't. He is good company though.


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