Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Own Little "Julian"

Today is my (step)grandson's third birthday.  My (step)daughter sent me pictures from his birthday party this past weekend.  I was first floored at how big he has gotten, and then my heart jumped out of my chest at all the cuteness.  I titled this my own little Julian, because Danielle's son, Julian, is the little heartthrob in my doll town.  His real name is Carmelo.  You met his big sister, Carmen, here on my blog, a couple years ago.

Future business tycoon.

He spent his birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.  That's my daughter holding him and her daughter Carmen is standing beside her.  I guess the other little girl is a party guest.

Remember this?  Julian in his Batman costume, which was handmade especially for him by a Flickr friend, kitsunamint.   Little boys and their capes.  Love it.

So that's my little heartthrob.  I'm so sad that they live so far away.  I've spent the morning trying to figure out when's the earliest I can fly to go see them.  


  1. Beautiful family. Carmelo is handsome. I can see why Julian is modeled after him.

  2. He is adorable!!! Very cute pictures!!

  3. Your future business tycoon is a cutie pie! :-)

  4. Thanks guys! Grandkids are the best.

  5. They are so cute at that age! Carmello looks like a handful too.

    1. Brini - My stepdaughter says he is all boy, which equates to "he's a handful".

  6. Replies
    1. I just watched Queen Sugar this morning. Are you watching it? If so he minds me of the little boy on there. Except on the show I think he's five.

    2. Kenya - I keep forgetting about Queen Sugar. I need to catch up. Hopefully I can find it on demand.

  7. Replies
    1. Shasarinis - Hi dear. Yes, he's a cutie pie.


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