Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Park Drama (Photostory)

The picnic is in full swing.  Ian has cooled his heels, all in the name of not getting embarrassed by his mother. 

 JT and Rod have really hit it off.  They have bonded over military stories.  JT is retired Navy. Rod has even handed over the grill to JT.

Ian and Valencia have escaped to a blanket.  Valencia was almost showing her goodies, but her grey panties have saved the day.  

"So what do you think?"  (Roberta)
"He's nice.  It's a little strange seeing you two together, but I'm very happy for you, mom."  (Danielle)

"Look at them over there.  You would never know they just met."  (Roberta)
"Rod has an uncanny gift of getting along with everyone."  (Danielle)

JT closes the top on the grill to let the meats continue to cook.

Julian and Ciana have been having a good time on the playground.

Not too far away, Melanie is picking up Nicole and Jessica from their girl scout meeting at the school.
"So how was the meeting?  What did you guys do today?"  (Melanie)
"We talked alot about selling our cookies ."  (Nicole)
"Any word on when the darn things will be arriving? "   (Melanie)
"I think they said sometime next week.  I'm not sure."  (Nicole)

"Can Jessica come over and eat dinner with us?" (Nicole)
"Not today.  Jessica's mom is waiting for her at the park.  So that's where we're headed."  (Melanie)
"We can call her and tell her we'll drop her off later?"  (Nicole)
"Nicole, I said no.  You and Jessica have been together all day."  (Melanie)

JT is making Roberta feel extra special, as he gently strokes her face with the back of his hand.
"How are you doing over here?"  (JT)
"I'm doing great.  Just enjoying this beautiful day."  (Roberta)
"Are you hungry?"  (JT)
"I'm getting there."  (Roberta)

Ian looks over to see what's going on with his mom and JT.
Valencia doesn't say anything, but she's getting a little concerned about his apparent attachment to his mother.  She's wondering if she hasn't hooked up with a momma's boy.

"Sharmaine just texted me.  She's on the way."  (Danielle)
Jacob is trying to get Rod's attention, but he seems to be preoccupied.

"Honey, you aren't even listening to us."  (Danielle)
"Sorry, dear....

Melanie and Nicole just pulled up."  (Rod)

"Jessica, do you see your mom?"  (Melanie)
"Yes, she's over there on the bench.  I think she sees us."  (Jessica)

"The family really seems to like you.  I told you it would be okay."  (Roberta)
"Most of the family likes me. Not everyone is a fan."  (JT)
"Don't worry about my son.  He's never seen me with a man other than his dad.  It might take him a minute, but he'll come around."  (Roberta)

"I'm going to go over and say hello to Nicole."  (Rod)
"Alright.  See if her mom will let her stay for the cookout."  (Danielle)

Jessica and Nicole say their goodbyes.

Nicole has spotted her dad and Danielle.  She is waving in their direction.
"Thanks for dropping her off."  (Sylvia)
"Not a problem."  (Melanie)

"I guess we will be gearing up for the big cookie drive soon.  Have you signed up to work any of the cookie drive locations?" (Sylvia)
"Me?  Oh no.  I'm going to leave that up to Rod.  He loves doing those kinds of things.  I'll take a few cases to work and sell them to my coworkers. "  (Melanie)

"Who are you waving at?"  (Jessica)
"That's my dad over there."  (Nicole)

"Awww, there's Nicole.  I guess she's coming to the cookout."  (Roberta)
"Who's Nicole?" (JT)
"She's Rod's daughter from his first marriage.  That's his ex-wife, Melanie."  (Roberta)
"Interesting."  (JT)

Rod scoops up Jacob, and heads to the car.

"We'll see you guys next week."  (Sylvia)
"You'll have to team up with Rod next week.  Nicole will be back with him for a few weeks."  (Melanie)
"Okay.  Take care."  (Sylva)

"Oh brother.  Why is he wearing that hat?  I wouldn't have let him leave the house looking like that."  (Melanie)
"I like his hat."  (Nicole)
"Why am I not surprised.  Your daddy can do no wrong in your eyes."  (Melanie)

"Hi Daddy.  Hi Jakie Jakie."  (Nicole)
"Danielle let you leave the house looking like that?"  (Melanie)
"Looking like what?"  (Rod)
"At least she got the baby looking half way decent.  His outfit at least matches."  (Melanie)

"Daddy, where's Julian?"  (Nicole)
"He's on the playground."  (Rod)

"Any chance Nicole can stay for the cookout?"  (Rod)

"What?  No invite for her dear old mom who gave her life and who takes care of her daily?  Am I not worthy?"  (Melanie)
"JULIAN!!!"  (Nicole)

"Have you lost your mind?  Where are your manners?  We do not yell at the top of our lungs, like we don't have home training.  Sit down."  (Melanie)

"Hi Nicole!"  (Julian)

"Do you really want to come, or are you just jerking my chain?"  (Rod)
"What do you think?"  (Melanie)

"Can I stay?"  (Nicole)

"If you really want to."  (Melanie)
"I really want to."  (Nicole)

"Earth to Danielle.  Hello hello."  (Sharmaine)

"Heyyy.  I'm sorry.  Glad you came.  Mom will be happy to see you."  (Danielle)

"This is Kobe.  Kobe this is my cousin, Danielle."  (Sharmaine)
"Nice to meet you Kobe."  (Danielle)

"What on earth is he doing here?"  (Valencia)
"Who's that?"  (Ian)
"A guy that I used to know."  (Valencia)
"Used to know how?"  (Ian)
"We went out a couple times."  (Valencia)
"Great.  Can this day get any worse?"  (Ian)


  1. This was interesting reading. :) Can't wait next part! :)

    1. Riina - Thanks for stopping by. There is a long history with Melanie.

  2. Never a dull moment with this family, is there? Ian doesn't like his mom being with a new man, Rod's ex shows up, then Ian's girlfriend's ex. Complicated! Fireworks for sure! What a great story. Leave me wanting to see what happens next.

    1. Phyllis - Sometimes living in a small town is not advantageous. You are bound to run into people at the most inopportune moments.

  3. Well, I'm simply impressed by all of the details!!! They all look so believable!!!

  4. This is getting better and better :-D, can't wait to read the next episode!

    1. Linda - Small town living can be very interesting.

  5. Poor Ian. His day is just not going too well. Melanie just needs to cut it out. How long can she stay bitter?

    Can we get a better look at that grill? Where did you get it?

    1. Janainah - Melanie (different name) is a real person in my life, and 13 yrs later she's still bitter. That grill is a 2008 Mattel barbeque set. I painted the grill silver.

  6. Love the way you posed Cianna on the playground equipment!

  7. Your details are awesome!! I was kind of liking Melanie for a hot minute....then she had to be rude. I don't see how Rod stayed with her long enough to have a child. She is so bitter! Ugh! Lol! Great story my friend! I love it! Anxiously awaiting the next episode!!!

    1. Georgia Girl - Thanks. Melanie doesn't see herself as being rude. She sees it as being frank.

  8. I started reading this story laying down, but girl it's so much going on in this park that I had to sit up- lol. Lawd, how did Sharmaine hook up with Kobe? Melanie reminds me of my husband's ex...smh.

    1. Jewell - Did you notice that Sharmaine and Valencia resemble each other. Seems like Kobe has a type. lol. Melanie is my ex-boyfriend's children's mother. Different name of course.

  9. There's a lot going on in this photostory and I love it.I think Ian being territorial with his Mom is kinda cute.He cares about her.I like that he's a Mama's boy.Although I Do know of the dread Mama's boy.But I think Valenica'll be fine with this one. I know Melanie is the Mean girl here.But I like her.A lot.She brings lots of action when she's around.She's just all around interesting.I'm probably the minority here with this view point.But I just really enjoy when she shows up.I did't want to say anything but Melanie brought it up.I don't much care for Rod's hat and outfit pairing ether -BUT- he can wear what he want's.

    1. Val - In real life there are people that just rub us the wrong way. That is Melanie in my doll world. She has no filter and she knows how to hold a grudge.

  10. Hello from Spain: I like JT and Rod get along. I like the picnic furniture that you have. Nice photos. Fabulous blue car. I like your slices of life. Keep in touch

    1. Marta - I'm glad JT has an ally in Rod. I think it will go a long way to helping Danielle feel more comfortable with JT.

  11. Intetasting story.I like the set and Melanie's blue car it is really nice.I can't wait for second part.

    1. My doll stuff - Thanks. Let's hope everyone remains civil.

  12. Bonjour Vanessa, J'aime beaucoup les enfants qui jouent dans le parc. Ce qui est bien, c'est que tu fais beaucoup de photos d'enfants.

    1. Shasarignis - Les enfants ont une place spéciale dans mon cœur.

  13. Geez, that Melanie sure is one sour piece of work! And Valencia's ex showing up? Awkward! Love this story. I can't wait to read the next installment. :-)

    1. Cindi - In a small town you are bound to run into people you would rather not see.

  14. VanessaSeptember 16, 2015 at 12:25 PM
    Val - In real life there are people that just rub us the wrong way. That is Melanie in my doll world. She has no filter and she knows how to hold a grudge.------------------------------ Oh yes I know of the type.I find Melanie interesting in the doll world.I never want to run into her in real life.Here she's of no real harm.So I don't mind her antics so much.I Knew I'd be in the minority with my view point. LOL. But I understand why.Hey some time back Melanie was on a date with a guy how did that turn out?

  15. LOL, there are a lot of things going on.....EPIC!

    1. billa's dolls - Just when they thought JT would be their only bump in the road.

  16. Wow and the plot thickens.

    I am glad Ian's attitude is mellowing, even though he is still being a little overprotective of his mom.

    Melanie is still a piece of work. Poor Nicole has to have her as a mother. It is understandable why she is a divorcee. I don't think that woman will ever get along well with anyone, male or female.

    Now who is this mystery man that Ian's girlfriend "used to know." Inquiring minds want to know.


    1. DBG - I would love to mellow Melanie out, but she is just not having it. Just like the real "Melanie". Every time you see a ray of hope that things might change for the better, she backslides. So frustrating.

      Remember when Valencia was working at Cafe Hello Kitty and Kobe stopped by, pestering her? Well that was Kobe, and here he is with Sharmaine. I don't know how serious they are, but this will be interestingly awkward.

  17. I like Rod's hat. Think it's cute. But I like even more that Danielle didn't hassle him over wearing it. Yay, Danielle!

    Melanie, it's mean to cut someone's taste. The hat is a little goofy, but fun.

    Love the layers of stories here ;-)

    1. D7ana - I used to try to dress my ex, and he just wasn't having it. I let that go and let him be him. I'm glad to see Danielle learned that lesson, too. Kills me that Melanie somehow thinks she was the better wife.

  18. I'm so glad that Ian is finally being civil with JT. After all, his mama is in love (and showing of her tatas in a see-through sweater. LOL). Besides that, Ian is a drama magnet. Can someone please tell me why is Melanie such a b.... I just want to smack her. She's so nasty! I hope her daughter doesn't take her traits. Great story! I posted a comment but it got lost. LOL

    1. Bnova - Sorry for the late response. You have my permission to smack Melanie. Just remember she's a lawyer, so she would probably file suit immediately. That's the kind of person she is. So far Nicole has escaped the nastiness of her mother. She spent a lot more time with Rod growing up, and his traits seem to have rubbed off more.

  19. Poor Ian. And Melanie - hush girl - I thought Rod looked cute with is Mr. Different self.

    1. Kenya - You know the ex-wife always feels she can do better. If she had done better, she wouldn't be the ex.


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