Saturday, January 31, 2015

Danielle Meets the Boys (Photostory)

After the hair salon, Danielle spent a little time at Ni'Chalet's.  Then she got a call from Rod, wondering if she would meet him and the boys for a bite to eat.  Of course she said yes.  Even though she enjoys her alone time, she always misses her boys when she's not with them.

Rod let the boys pick the restaurant, which is how we got to McDonald's. 

Rod and Julian's eyes are glued to the door, checking for Danielle.
"I wish mommy would come.  I'm hungry."  (Julian)
"She'll be here soon."  (Rod)

Unbeknownst to Rod, Jacob is on the move.

"What can I get for you?"  (Mari)
"Hi.  Can I get a hamburger Happy Meal, a regular hamburger, small fry, and a medium Coke."  (Sheila)
"Sure.  If you like, you can have a seat and I will bring your meal when it's ready."  (Mari)
"That's so sweet of you.  Thanks."  (Sheila)

When Mari turns to fix the food, she notices Jacob.  She looks in Rod's direction, and says,  "Sir, your son is here." 

Rod snaps out of his trance.
"Jacob, come here."  (Rod)
*I know some of you mothers are wondering why he doesn't just get up and get Jacob.  Well he's been chasing Jacob all day.  I guess he's tired.*

Mari goes back to preparing the order, while Jacob watches.

Sheila and the kids take the last available table.

"Look, there's mommy!"  (Julian)
"Oh shit"  (Rod thinks to himself)

Danielle hears Julian and gets ready to head to the back booth.

She spots Jacob, and wonders why he's roaming alone for some stranger to come along and snatch him up.

Mari waits with Sheila's order while Danielle addresses Jacob.
"Hello honey.  Where are you going?  Turn around we're going back to the table."  (Danielle)

"Here you go."  (Mari)
"Thanks so much.  I appreciate you bringing it over."  (Sheila)

"Hey honey.  I was just getting up to get him."  (Rod)
:There's a lot that Danielle wants to say to Rod, but she doesn't believe in berating her husband in public, so it will have to wait.  The look on her face says it all.  She gives him a quick little hug, and says hello to Shantavia and Bruce, before taking her seat.

"How's your mom doing with all the wedding stuff?  Is she getting cold feet yet?"  (Bruce)

"She's driving us all crazy, but it's nice to see her so happy.  Cold feet?  Women aren't the ones who usually get cold feet.  We leave that to you men."  (Shantavia)

"Hi sweetie.  I like your haircut.  Did you have fun today?"  (Danielle)
Julian smiles at the hair compliment, then starts giving Danielle a blow by blow account of his day.  Jacob is having a good old time banging on the table.  Julian then decides he wants to go sit with his mommy.

"Your hair looks nice."  (Rod)
"Thanks."  (Danielle)

"Jacob, please stop.  You are making too much noise."  (Danielle)
"So how was your day?"  (Rod)
Danielle then remembers the incident at the hair salon.  
"Guess who I ran into at the salon?"  (Danielle)
"Who?"  (Rod)

"I'm here!"  (Julian)
"And so you are.  Give me a kiss."  (Danielle)
"Don't do it, Jacob."  (Rod)

As Julian gives Danielle a kiss, Jacob slams his hands on the table, again.

"Jacob...."  (Rod)
"Maybe we should just order some food.  I'm sure they're hungry."  (Danielle)

Hmmm?  Rod seems a little on edge.  I guess spending the day with a toddler can do that to you.  It will be interesting to see what Danielle has to say to him later.  She never did get back to telling him about Melanie.  I'm sure that will enter the conversation later, too.  


  1. Hi Vanessa, I'm sure Rod is quite tired, I know that feeling after a whole day with two male doddlers....LOL
    and I have some ideas of what Danielle is going to tell him in private...

    1. billa's dolls - I don't think Rod knew what he was getting into when he decided to take both boys for the day. He's been out with Julian alone, but never both for an extended period.

  2. uhhhh espero Que Danielle sea comprensiva, me gusta como has montado el Mdonalds, besosss

    1. Carmen - Gracias. Espero Danielle será la comprensión, también. Ella es normalmente bastante justo.

  3. I do like that Danielle saves her chastising to when they are alone. I see couples and whoevers telling each other off in public all the time and then when you look at them they are all, "Whutchu lookin at?!" I'm looking at you acting a fool in public, duh.

    When I'm in situations where kids are acting like brats or out of sorts, I speak to the child, not the parent. I figured if the parent gave a crap they would corral their kid from the get go. I've told off many a kid and can say that only one parent has ever gotten onto me about doing it. And so then I told her off too, lol.

    1. Muff - I would love to hang out with you sometime. I know that would just be quite the adventure. I'm not usually bold enough to chastise other people's kids in public, at least not if the parent is right there. Goodness knows I've wanted to on occasion.

  4. I too admire Danielle for not getting into it with Rod at the restaurant. Good to deal with those things in private. I don't think the boys were behaving too badly. They were tired and hungry and probably a bit restless. Rod should have gotten up to get Jacob. When my kids were that age, I would have taken them to a McDonald's with a play place so they could run off some of their energy before the arrival of the person I was waiting for. That way, after they ate, they were ready to go home and either take a nap or go to bed depending on the time!

    1. Phyllis - You know I've been planning to build a McD's play place for a long time. I guess it's time for me to get that done. Rod sure could have used it. No, the kids weren't that bad, but Jacob banging on the table in a crowded restaurant, was probably irritating the other customers. Jacob was a ball of energy for sure.

  5. Rod should have gotten up...tired or not. Jacob is a toddler and toddlers don't really get stop, no, come here, don't do that. Lol! Kudos to Danielle for not acting out in public. It is great seeing you posting photo stories again. :-)

    1. Georgia Girl - I agree. Kids disappear in the blink of an eye. I've never lost a kid, but I've lost my dogs a few times and it is the worst feeling in the world. I can't imagine what that feeling is like if your child goes missing.

  6. Hello from Spain: your restaurant McDonalds is very authentic. It seems real. Julian is adorable. In my town today given away with Happy meal goggles Hello Kitty. Rod is wearin a sweater wool very nice .. keep in touch

    1. Marta - Thanks. I wonder if our McDonald's is giving away Hello Kitty stuff. Rod's sweater was a Christmas ornament.

  7. Rod may be tired and out of sorts but he has on a neat sweater. Keep the stories coming!

    1. limbe dolls - Lol! Danielle has a matching tie up sweater. They were Michael Christmas ornaments.

  8. Rod must be tired and Jacobs just at tad bit busy for him. I agree with Danielle, get them fed and hopefully a nap won't be too far behind.

    1. Brini - Aren't most toddlers a tad bit busy for most adults? lol. Jacob doesn't seem nap tired. He's just having a good ol' time. Although he is being quite defiant, so maybe he does need a nap.

  9. LOL! Poor Rod! He's going to get an earful. Feed those boys quick & go home. Rod needs a nap after hearing Danielle's peace of mind. lol I want to go to that McDonald's. They bring the food to the table just like Chick-fil-a! Never saw a Mickey D's do that before.

    1. Sonya - Rod is not looking forward to his late night chat. This probably means he 'ain't' getting any tonight. Lol! Girl you know we are all about great service in Morristown. We can't let the Chick'-fil-as outdo us.

  10. I don't envy Rod that "later conversation" or Danielle having to dish it out. But you do have to keep kids on a short leash so ...

    Cute as Julian and Jacob are, they're a handful.

    Love the McDonald's setting. Love seeing Danielle, Rod, and the boys ;-).

    1. D7ana - Apparently Rod has never had the scare of a child disappearing even for a second. Now maybe he's banking on the fact that the crime rate in Morristown is really low. But it only takes one bad apple to snatch a kid.


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