Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Getting Ready for "The Infant Room at the Daycare"

I've had this idea to do a Daycare slideshow. I wanted an infant room and a toddlers room. Initially I thought I would be able to put them all together, then I figured out it would be too much in one room. A couple of days ago I set up the scene and started taking pictures. Yesterday, I started assembling the pictures. It only took me about 7 hours to adjust the photos, but I enjoyed it. By the weekend I hope to have the slideshow complete for your viewing. Here are a couple of pictures to give you a glimpse of what is to come. If you "Join the email list" by clicking on the link at the top left, you become eligible for "giveaways" throughout the year.


  1. Great Shots! How are you designing the rooms and are the childcare workers? This is very exciting. I have only disigned one room. How much space do you have to do it in?

  2. Ms. Leo, I am glad you liked the shots. I have several other posts that have full slide shows. There is one in January called "Daddy's Home" and a few from last May. Take a look. If you have trouble seeing them here, they are posted on my website under the Photo section. It really doesn't take a lot of room to do most dioramas. The Daycare will take up more than usual. Stay tuned for the actual story.


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